Bid / Ask Spread | Trading Terms

The difference between the buy and sell price (also known as bid and ask) is one of those things that mystifies newbies. We’re not used to having two prices for …


  1. I am not able to see bid and sell price on live Trade 212 on ISA Account.Could you please help to know how to see these prices next to each other on 212 platform. many thanks

  2. What is missing from the video is when to show the Bid or Ask price on a chart. As I realized (to my cost) that this makes a significant difference to where you place a Stop-Loss line on a chart.

  3. You're talking about bid and ask offers, but on the trading 212 I'm not seeing any option to place a bid/ask offer. You can only buy at the current price, you cannot place any offers of your choice.

    So how are these buy/sell prices computed then?

    Are there any other brokers that allow you to bet like that? If so, is the bid/ask price that we're seeing on trading 212 just a mirror of the offers from other brokers?

  4. Chrystal clear, thank you. Yes the spread is the brokers commission. So generally speaking the spread correlates with the market volume, that is the greater the volume the narrower the spread and vice versa, the less the volume the greater the spread.

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