Bitcoin 101: Bitcoin and Blockchain explained

UWE, NEMODE, Oxford Media Crypto Currencies Workshop – Bitcoin 101. World experts explain crypto currency and blockchain to an audience of business …


  1. Amazing lecture! My brother in law bought some bitcoins back in 2010, but he couldn't buy a single thing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He sold it after owning it for a month and even got a bit more money back from it! He had like eight of them, good deal, Jeran 🙂

  2. Great to can see this meeting with very great intelligent people. Sad that goverments don t have such people. These people should be the real politicians or running the national banks and then the world would be better…

  3. Thanks for sharing this very informative recorded discussion regarding crypto currency and blockchain.
    It would be great to see similar events held in other major world & smaller regional cities to continue building awareness and understanding of cryptocurrency and the applications of this technology.
    Perhaps being better armed with information, individuals, business owners and organizations would be more open to exploring use of this amazing technology.
    Thank you 🙂

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