Bitcoin 500k Prediction! + Should I Buy Ethereum? Is Ethereum A Good Investment? Cryptocurrency News

Is Ethereum a good investment? Let’s find out in today’s video! We’ll also review Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency news (in general) so stay tuned! Would YOU buy …


  1. That turns me off of grayscale because if a financial entity is taking positions on news stories it's not focusing fully on the job at hand. It demonstrates a level of corruptability. And ps , I really don't care what the news story is, that should never be a driver. It's just noooze.

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  7. ETH is an amazing investment- not accumulating it and not Dollar Cost Averaging on it is a huge mistake.

    I've gone so far as to not stack BTC as my primary coin anymore. Any gains I get from ALT's get traded out as ETH- it's super exciting and I can't wait til' I can make my way into ETH 2.0

  8. Grayscale does not support business owners protecting their asset or individuals preventing a mob from curbstomping them on the street. Nonetheless, stay out of politics period. It's a lose lose.

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