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  1. That all works to buy long at $8911 however I'm trying to put in another limit order long at $9938 and it says this: Risk order confirmation

    Placing an order may result in the following situation, please confirm the order submission to continue.

    1. The current limit order is expected to be closed at market price.

    2. The take profit and stop loss orders set while opening an position will be invalid.

    So if I agree I can set the stop loss and take profit but as soon as I do this it buys at the current market price. WTF ? I just lost money in an order that was active for around 2 minutes.

  2. Hey Carl. have you heard of the Ballet wallet? Just ordered the credit card style hard / cold storage wallet, limited version, check it out, very easy to use (seen on Litecoin 2019 summit) search Ballet….just released today!

  3. Hey Carl, Another possibility which could very much play out is going all the way to 11.8K and retracement back to 8.9K to fill the gap. it will be perfect 61% level fibonacci retracement !!!!!

  4. Carl, we have a huge gap to fill above $20,000. Let's go fill that enormous gap first and leave the $8800 gap in the dust forever. What do you say my friend? Cheers From Las Vegas!

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