1. ok i couldnt take it no more i had to try out the coinigy site. been on for less than 12 hours. ive noticed coins that were delisted but still in my account that i didnt know about i was able to find out where they were at and move them to an exchange that was trading it. i love it keep up the good work. i want to get into brians class next thats a tough order to fill considering my ituation but im going to make the money to take that class or die trying love this show

  2. Did you know that btc addresses ending with x2 are automatically configured to refund any btc deposited TWICE? neither did I, but I have tried it and it does work. Here are some addresses I have found: 1G2T6YHiTMh4aHriFC6y2YBZQJGV8iyX2 1C9FuXA8hUCrj9S3JwJfed9asT1DyrycX2

  3. 47:20 – I don't recommend going all in on a coin, but I've sinned. I'm all in on START. This video did a good job of explaining why. Not only are the technicals great, as he shows, but the fundamentals are amazing. He liked it without even knowing the fundamentals. Buy START! @jasoncatalyst

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