Bitcoin and Crypto Explained By The Simpsons | Drug Dealer LOSES 6000 BTC | EOS in Coinbase Trouble

The Simpsons discuss Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain with guest Jim Parsons in a February 23 episode of the iconic series which explores the …


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  2. He deserves to lose it… 58m? You can get like 40 ledgers and leave 1m on 18 different exchanges and it would still be better than putting it in 1 place.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Just received from Ledger a nano x and nano s combo in the mail today. Is tip #3 saying not to use the recovery phrase in the standard Nano x set up?

  4. Was the Simpson's REALLY talking bitcoin? I listened to it several times, not one thing described bitcoin. Matter of fact, the disclosure at end of Parsons skit. Sorta trashed bitcoin 😎

  5. Good job bro! As soon as I saw the simpsons prompting crypto I had to make a video about it as nobody else did at the time! I wasn’t able to reach out to world wide audience but now you’ve got the word out there! Great work bro!

  6. listen guys there is great news for victims that has been involved in cryptocurrency scam. fightingscams at aol dot recently recovered my life savings of 56btc lost to expasset. This is absolutely amazing. Don't give up guys .

  7. Some good info to keep your assets safe for sure. The only thing that’s tricky is with no one knowing any of your private keys etc.. if you were pass away no family member would be able to access your assets in death. A little morbid but interested to see if anyone has any thoughts on this subject and how best to plan for such a scenario? Anyway, keep up the great content 😉

  8. Distributed Consensus Based Crypto Currency…. Only crypto that uses Consensus and a Distributed Ledger is XRP… and they pretty much label BTC as dogshit with the 4 second definition of Crypto Currency with the reference to using large rooms of air conditioned computers to solve useless math problems..

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