Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Update Friday 12th June

Bitcoin has everyone watching closely since the Halving event. So far we are holding above $9000, but is there potential to enter some new grounds? We also …


  1. The flunctuations of bitcoin in value does not affect my earnings from Mr cheif Arsh , he's a top skilled trader and an account manager, my negotiation with him has been profitable and secure, recorded lots of winnings with him.

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  3. Hope we stay in this bear trend rest of the year, will be great to rebuild trust with the CME and help them fill those missed 3.5-3.8k gaps with more dumping. The SEC will like to see to a willingness from us to dump to help in institutions with much safer entry's.

  4. Maybe someday people will come to understand usecase and utility have vaule like GNT, SC, RLC, ENJ, DATA, while forks and meme coins and HEX are all thin air coins create no vaule

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