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On the channel we take a look at the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain news as well as market trends. We specifically look at what’s happening in the mining …


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  2. Thanks for your video! I have one question for you as miner.. once eth 2.0 will be running, will U use your ethhash mininng rig for some other coin? If yes which one???? Thanks a lot! Riccardo

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  4. (re. Covid) In from left field. Follow up on the Lancet N= 96,000 HCQ study, 671 hospitals. Second video in 3 days.

    Peak Prosperity YT channel 28'5'20 video: <;

    My (rough) notes: France and Italy have banned HCQ, days after WHO suspended HCQ trials following Lancet article. WHO & Dr Fauci (Dir US Insitit of Nationional Allergy and Infectiouss) agree HCQ is not effective against Covid. WHO told Indonesia to stop using HCQ to treat Covid. Chris: odd, since HCQ & CQN used as anti-malarials for decades/70 years.

    The Lancet study appears to be a complete fiction. Only 4 authors to pore over 96,000 hospital records (Dec to April), study released end-May. Really tricky data from so many different countries. Lancet study led by Brigham and Womens Hospital Centre for Advanced Heart Disease, Boston.

    Guardian article discusses Aust component of Lancet study: 5 hospitals. Data inconsistencies with Johns Hopkins data at 21 April '20. Aust Fed Dept of Health confirmed that the Lancet data was not sourced from the Aust database of Covid notifications. Vic Dept of Health confirmed the Lancet data did not reconcile with their record of covid deaths. NSW Dept of Health also confirmed it did not provide Lancet researchers with data from their databases. Surgisphere provided the data for Lancet study. Lancet is asking the study's authors to clarify on these discrepancies.

    Questions raised on HCQ study. Alfred Hospital Melbourne did not give data to the study. Hosp rep critical: no ethiics approval to supply data, only 4 authors is suspect. Ethics require considerable approvals to ensure patient confidentiality. Surgispehere rep was one of 4 Lancet authors. No data traceablity. Only 1 person responsible for collating 96,000 record data. Surgisphere only have 4 staff. No published papers (?). (26 mns into vid). Propensity matching technique for 23 vars, rubish; all age, race etc matched across 4 groups (HCQ, HCQ + macrilbye, etc) + control. (30 min 50 sec into vid.) 

    Open letter of concerns re stat analysis/methodology and data integrity to Lancet and study authors. A huge list of signatories 2pp A-4, prominent professors across many countries. There was not ethics review. No mention of countries oe hospitals contributing data, no recognition of such contributions. 2017 WHO study into HCQ – no deaths in 70y.

    Dr Fauci immediately declared Remdesivir to be the standard of care, and WHO adpots it as front runner for covid treatment. WHO 5 arm study, dropped HCQ and kept remdesivir. Spain politely disregarded study as crap. Fauci and WHO demonstrate lack of integrity.

    Yale epidemiology professor (28 May '20) urges HCQ and azythoryacin study. Lancet HCQ study  is pure garbage, either politically derailed or big pharma influenced, conflict of interest. Chris predicts the paper will be retracted, reputation damage to Lancet & the Boston hospital. Stanford and Lancet now on watch list for not trustworthy. For so many Professors and Drs to sign the open letter so quickly, really screams lack of science. Media culpable. Also US veteran HCQ study dodgy. Immoral given human life involved. Campaign against HCQ is anything but scientifically driven. It's deliberate and should be seen that way.

    I posted comment under the video. Chris, unbelievably excellent work posting 2 rebuttals of the Lancet N= 96,000 patient study in just 3 days, and within a week of the study's publishing!! This second vid is a corker. Fabulous that the Australian hospital & 2 state Health depts responded promptly to the Guardian paper's Qs with an unequivocal denial of supplying data to the Lancet authors. Getting 96,000 patient records from 671 global hospitals into one language and database, interrogating that data, and publishing the result within 6 weeks of the trial period ending is absolutely impossible; especially when considering all the other furphies and stuff ups that have been flagged. My heart sank when I opened this video to see 'HCQ & a Profound Lack of Integrity'', thinking how far backward must the world go; and then my heart sang when I saw the pages of doctors and professors from so many countries who signed the incredibly critical open letter to the Lancet. Dr Fauci and WHO have really flown their pirate flags on this one, and France and Italy jumped on board with them. The low cost of HCQ with zinc (<$US20) is of paramount importance for Africa, India, South America and anywhere that endures third world conditions. WHO tying to show 'balance' – equally badly influenced by China and US pharmaceutical giants? Nice to see Evey – you've got a keeper there. Thank you so much for being on the case with Covid for 4 months – Mondo Respect from Melbourne, Oz.

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