Bitcoin Arbitrage Bots Profit Strategy

Write a simple bot on exchanges and get them to communicate with other bots over a server to take advantage of bitcoin arbitrage. Each bot needs to: 1) Send …


  1. ⭐️ARBITRAGE BOT – Passive income ~ 20-30% / Month (recovery of the 3-month liability) ⭐️

    ❗️Invest ONLY from the MEW saved in the platform (if you invest from another address you will lose your money because the platform will not know who invested and where to send the money)

    ❗️You can invest ETH and ARB directly (the same MEW address is valid)

    If you invest directly ARB then transfer directly to aBOT and if you invest ETH then transfer to the home exchange of the platform, buy ARB then withdraw in the wallet and transfer to aBOT

    👆 The platform is quite new and the ICO has been tremendously successful (the currency was $ 0.6 in ICO), plus it has a supply of just 8.7 million

    You are paid daily in ARB (you can keep for long or change in ETH)

    The minimum investment is only $ 250, invest now as long as it is in the beginning, and accumulate as many passive currencies

    👇 Enrollment Link 👇

  2. Why did I get into (ARB)?

    • sick and tired of lending/staking platforms who promised a passive income but could not show how they were generating their income
    • arbitrage is a recognized, real world method of generating income
    • I saw a video ( of mBot live in action making 5% margin on ETH in under 7 mins. David the CEO was the presenter and he showed the trades live and it was followed on the blockchain
    • It has a token supply of 8.7m which is low. It’s the same as Bitconnect’s circulating supply and they achieved a coin price of $363. It’s not comparable to BCC but for supply of tokens and potential market cap it is
    • There is a one level referral programme and it’s not multi-level -marketing
    • The platform does not rely on new money coming in to pay out its existing investors and is therefore, not a Ponzi scheme
    • The Arb team is shown on the website with real names, faces and LinkedIn profiles. They have no reason to hide
    • They have a realistic and well structured roadmap on the website

    :o: What are the other benefits of ARB?
    • The telegram group is interactive with several admin members that actually have the power to make changes and sort out people’s problems. Marcus Clark and Nigel and Honey are especially great at assisting with tech problems
    • David the CEO is a regular communicator and he actually listens to the community and acts on change requests. I made a suggestion about wording on the website and he changed it in under 10 minutes
    • aBOT is configured not to execute a trade unless it’s guaranteed profit
    • mBOT is a beast with greater percentage opportunities per trade, and this will be released shortly
    • the internal exchange works flawlessly and there is a stop limit of 2×500 ARB Sell Orders in place which means people cannot manipulate the exchange
    • we already have CoinExchange and TokenJar and there will be more external exchanges to follow
    • even when the crypto market takes a down turn, it does not negatively effect ARB as they make trades and exploit arbitraging opportunities in all market conditions. Volatility is actually a good thing for ARB
    • the profits are paid out in ARB tokens against your active $ amount in aBOT. This means it’s in no way tied to the ETH being traded.
    • The Arb token actually has value and a use case as you must own the ARB b token in order to use the bots. This means there will always be a demand for the ARB token
    • It’s so early in the life of Arbitraging ARB and with the current market being low (as it has been for the last few years at this point in the year) we will see a big increase in the token price as we lead up to December 2018
    • Arbitraging ARB is the only passive income crypto platform that I am aware of that actually has a real system in place and is transparent.

    Join at

    Official Telegram Group:

    ARB Unofficial Group:

  3. Hi Mj please I want someone to assist me step by step with bitcoin trading arbitrage. I understand the whole concept but get confused when i buy altcoins on one exchange and sell at another exchange, how do I cash it out or sent it to my main xapo wallet as most altcoins are not accepted on major exchanges and wallets? which means that I have to sell the altoins which i made a profit and buy bitcoin or etheruim to cash out?

  4. Many people think that the "hole" between exchanges appears for 1 second or even 1 millisecond. That's not so. Very often, the cryptocurrency goes up and “holes” can go for several hours without a break. There are also coins with small capitalization, as practice shows the difference in the rates between the exchanges of these coins-is long and regular. There are bots that give signals about the presence of such " holes"

  5. Crypto currencies is lucrative if you have a good strategy and know how to manage risk. Many Coin holders will think this a bad year for them. You’re not in end of it. My account is still green! What brought bitcoin down is only Correction, just hold or invest in good platform cus after the regulations, it will still rise again as predicted. Many people will make a lot of money if they drop their fears… invest in a good platform and watch your fears turn to profit. Here’s my contact info for guidelines on investment platform that will earn you good gains…

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  7. good job teaching the mass:), there are now no more tradable arbitrage opportunities; it's become too competitive and risky. don't waste your time and money. especially in this downward and volatile market; all the profits you think you may have done can go down to nothing in a few minutes; worst you may have lost all your money

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  9. I'm curious, have you managed to set up your own bots by now? Very interesting idea, especially with how large the discrepancies between exchanges can get at times. I will continue to look into this more, hopefully I'm not too late to the game!

  10. This Arbitrage BOT solves the problem by automating the process of finding arbitrage opportunities across 50 over exchanges at the same time, all you have to do is fund your favourite wallet and bot will set the pairs which are associated with your funded crypto currency. This BOT will automatically scan all the exchanges which is registered with them and extracts the best buy and sell price which produces an arbitrage situation .The profits will be shown in your account statement immediately after the arbitrage execution.I give a 5 star rating for this BOT

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