1. Hi Chris I'm just wondering why is it that they need our bank details and pin. I'm so skeptical because they are asking to sign in to confirm that they could have an access of our own account. Why they can't issued a check out of the profit. This makes us curious

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  3. It seems like the potential to get ripped off, or just screw things up on your own are huge. I'm trying to get past that mentality by educating myself and consuming as much information as possible, because I want to join the cryptocurrency revolution before it's too late. It's kinda overwhelming, since I just started this week.

  4. I disagree when u said that Bitcoin can’t be hacked. Anything in this world can be hacked. Whether it be today, tomorrow, or 100 years from now there will always be a huge risk with Bitcoin and any other crypto.

  5. Thanks for the tutorials, Chris. I have a question about the wallets. Let's say, I have several online wallets on various platforms. Is there a way to transfer the coins from the online wallets at once to one safe and secure and private one; or it has to be done one by one?

  6. Hi Chris, I am thinking to invest in "Bitcoin confidential" and forget it for many years, right now 1 coin=0.00134, what is your advice? By the way, you made it easy and I liked the way you break it down

  7. Sorry, very late to this so tech might have changed…but from my limited knowledge, the whole point of the Blockchain is that all transactions and ownership records are stored, accessible and cant be tampered with – yet you are saying if I store bitcoin on my hard drive and it breaks then there is no record of my bitcoin and I lose it all? Also, what is the point of Blockchain being immune to hacking if the currencies in a cloud wallet can be hacked, doesnt that defeat the whole point?

  8. Thanks for the clarity man, there's soo many scammers and people who hype bitcoin up to be the next big thing these days and it's great to see someone who is being genuine and honest about the risks that come with investing in crypto currencies. Bless you dude all the best out there

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