1. Good Morning Ivan ! Is the discount still active ? Just waking up and usually don't give much interest into black friday, and well don't connect much on week-ends !!!

  2. Hey! Black Friday is not only about buying stuff… I am a seller… How do you expect me to buy crypto? Go work for some fucking boss and pay the gov maximum tax? So that I can save nothing at the end? Viva Black Friday and Holiday Season… BTW, I sell toys for kids but not any toys… toys that will help them get smarter and become problem solvers. I am making money but also contributing to humanity. I'll say to shoppers, don't stop buying but buy smart and if you have kids, come buy from me… it's a win, win, win deal 😉

  3. Although bitcoin has recovered from 6,6OOusd with strength and is likely to see more upside movement in the short term due to oversold conditions shown by technical indicators, low volumes show that there may not be enough buying demand at the current price range. Technical analysts have been targeting a rebound to the 8,OOOusd region following the dip to 6,6OOusd by the dominant cryptocurrency, but analysts remain cautious on whether the recovery can extend to the 9,OOOusd and IO,OOOusd. so everybody should buy more and join the gain, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Kentrell's strategy, i was able to make 7bt with I.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, reach him on telegram kentrellroger orWhatsApp+1(2I3)34O-562O–__

  4. Nice timing! I have researched Blockchain courses, far and wide; and decided yours was the way to Go, so was about to sign up Tomorrow. Cant wait to get into it!

  5. Ivan, just a maybe obscure idea, but nonetheless.

    Why don’t you implement a side opportunity to code for real, helping not only the Academies into the world of co-work, securing yourself, creating an exceptional reputation and at the same time solving an issue for very many Tubers being censored, by letting the Academies build a decentralized you-tube like platform via GitHub or similar, letting Tubers earn coins for their uploads, your own included?
    The Academies will at the same time literally be left with a Proof Of Work for everyone to show and view, just as it’ll probably be the first of its kind.

  6. Haha I literally just bought hot dogs for lunch lol my wife is craving them and she never lets us eat unhealthy so I wasnt going to let this opportunity pass me by

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