1. Hi, good to see you again ! I believe this wasn't simply an error from YT ! And it will happen again, but at a bigger range. If you decide to move to another platform , it would be good to have a talk with other crypto channels, at least the major ones, to all move to the same platform. The information would be shared within the crypto community in a very short time. Or maybe someone should organize a poll to check which platform YTubers and their followers would like to use in the future. Thanks for the good work, have a good day.

  2. Heh Ivan my UK bank triggered a fraud warning when I bought some Bitcoin yesterday from LocalBitcoins. Because the seller had a bank account with an unfamiliar bank – Enumis Ltd, who Coinfloor use. Can you give us some advice on how to handle the situation with banks ? They seem to be getting stricter. I am worried about losing banking facilities.

  3. The SCC Will let get in anyone because they need to sell all the trash overvalued of the SPX and toxic debt derivatives. Don't be naive. Papa and mama will "invest".
    "if the alms are of amount the saint distrusts" we say here

  4. People only fear to loose when they have not prepared to win and that is very evident in the crypto space today. Bitcoin as a system (store of value, payment method or both) has proven beyond reasonable doubts to be a winning streak if as a trader you understand that it's not just all about hodling when the tides are low and selling when the tides are high. Bitcoin professionals are already making moves as you should on profitable trading as the year 2020 promises a major boom in the world of bitcoin. With trading signals from Allan Shaw: Whatsapp ( +48 732121976) or Telegram (@Allanshaw) I was able to trade 3 btc to 6 btc in 14 days of trading. He is a professional trading guru I was introduced to who changed my whole trading experience. His trading signals are the most accurate and I recommend him because he gives guarantee and a form of leverage to hang onto.

  5. Today I learned about EuroChain, the CBDC being developed by the ECB. I was also surprised that it does have some privacy features for smaller transactions. Again we see Corda flexing its partnership muscle as the prototype was built on their platform. Even if these CBDC's aren't open, decentralized, neutral, censorship resistant crypto currencies they still could be successful in the near/middle term if they make (international) payments faster and much cheaper. Wire payments and other e-transfer protocols are so slow and expensive, particularly internationally… though whether CBDC's will be allowed to be connected to crypto on/off ramps is another story (particularly when monetary policy goes amok).

  6. I learned that the SEC is going to update their laws for applying to be an accredited investor to allow the average investor to invest in securities as long as he/she is aware of the risk he/she is taking.

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