Bitcoin Bounces… But Will This DRAG it Down Again?

Bitcoin bounces… but will this drag it down again? As we had anticipated, bitcoin has bounced off the key weekly 21 EMA and respected that level. We have also …


  1. First, yesss.

    I am in this crypto space since 2017, and you man, have been the only one that has given best predictions on the market. Thank you for informing us for free.

  2. Sir, I'm proud of you and your works, just with a little investment of $900 BTC and now am making my first withdraw of $8,900 BTC. It was really an honor meeting you @nicholasfernandez

  3. I have come to realize that mining by myself i keep making losses but with the help of an expert like Mr Phillip Bolton i have been able to make so much profits investing with him. He is such a genius.

  4. Glad to see you clarify in this video as the last one you were giving conflicting information. Bitcoin could give us one last chance to buy at 10k then you said a stock market crash was very likely.

  5. The 10k support could be broken and we could see a short dip to 7.5k – 8.5k before the bull run. Good buying opportunity. That is a low 20 to 30% probability I estimate. 10k seems to be a strong support level.

  6. What about the impending 30% pullback when BTC shadows the inevitable stock market crash in Q4 this year?
    Surely, in order for that to be absorbed into the current bullish pattern, the intermediate price of BTC would have to rise to around $13k in order for such a pullback to not initiate a turnaround in the trajectory. Personally, I cannot see BTC hitting $13k in the current economic and political market and therefore I remain bearish with all due respect.

  7. Hello Alessio, Would you give a lot of weight to the gap up formed around 9645 to 9925 on CME chart please, since it has not completely closed yet? Thanks for all your insights, I find them really interesting and simple to understand. Appreciate all you do

  8. Everyone in cryto is bullish on bitcoin. That means it’s likely going to go down not up. The stock market is going to crash soon so it will bring down bitcoin as well. Warren B has been selling his stocks.

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  10. Please Alessio can you tell us what will take for bitcoin to stop following the stock market index? I am asking you this because I think that bitcoin is now being used much more than before and with this recession, uncertainty and more countries dumping the dollars, I think there are enough reasons for bitcoin to not depend so much on the stock market ups and downs.

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