Bitcoin Braces For An Epic Move | Bitcoin Billionaires Movie | Cardano Testnet Is LIVE | More!

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    00:29 Introduction

    02:41 Market Cap Overview

    08:31 Bitcoin Volatility Index

    11:57 Fidelity Institutional Investment

    19:21 Coca-Cola Vending Machines Accept Bitcoin via Centrapay

    21:17 Number of BTC ATMs Grow

    23:58 Movie: Bitcoin Billionaires

    26:35 Brave Fork / Brandon Eich Thoughts

    29:22 Investigation and Compliance Support for Dash and Zcash

    34:16 Cardano Shelley Public Testnet

    38:11 Quote of the Day / Conclusion




  2. How can I avoid such high Coinbase fees? I wanna buy directly with my card on binance but it says I can’t due to the user agreement, I’ve messaged them twice with a request form thing but they’ve not responded

  3. OMG A German stock exchange just launched a Bitcoin backed crypto fund where every German can buy directly from their stock exchange app with fiat with no KYC. A momentous day in history. Watch all of Europe follow. The mas adoption floodgates just opened!

  4. Inflation only happens when money gets in the hands of the many. The super rich, just put their money in investments, which only causes investment inflation. If stimulus overflows the cup (like Omar talks about), inflation will come. Also stimulus stifles the increase of interest rates, so bonds etc. become less and less attractive. They are breaking their market mechanism.

  5. Thank you Omar, for reporting on Cardano, I always knew you had ADA Heart ❤️ Crypto in you… you are the man, that’s why I always followed you… Thanks for your hard Work 😃👍🥂

  6. Ey man i dont trust US brokerts too much.. like coinbase. Im from Holland and i can sene a stinky smell here.. where shall we go? I studied Tulip Bulb History… And WW2 Be aware companies and coders are still in power. And Will be. Dont forget. Richard Heart is also a narive Guru from the 90’s but something way smarter Will show on the horizon. This is 2020. I was there. I know what 9600 baud is. The time is NOW.
    Fuck the housing market.. its rime for a Tiny house on the Ocean .. fix up Some boats.. its going to be a crazy HOT summer. All festivals are canclled buy a Boat. Believe me its fun. I wish anyone affected by unemployment… enjoy the waters. Seriously..
    the WinkleVIPS better team up With STARLINK. SOON.
    Im an Data Antenna Specialist. Free to Hire.. send me an offer. I have TIME.
    For community i work for free, for BizNizz dont bother below 20k month. Thank You.

    Feel free to try and contact me. We need to sort this cryprto out on a VERY trustfull basis. Thats why i love this channel. Especially.
    I kid you not.

  7. No coinbase, horrible exchange , with crazy fees , with no privacy, absolutely against what we as a crypto community trying to accomplish, which is getting rid of these government agencies and middle men and this tracking systems … they work actually with these agencies …. and I am not even talking about their technical issues they shut down entire exchange every time #BTC goes up or down let's say 5-8% sharply providing someone in background (weals) to protect themselves from short or long positions including themselves .. HORRIBLE company with 0 reputation…..

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