BITCOIN BULL RUN 2019 – My Cash Out Strategy 💰

My cash out plan for the 2019 bitcoin bull run is as follows… Watch the video to find out exactly what I am doing to make the most money from this crypto bull run …


  1. U guys repeat all the same thing. Copying each other. You all delivering a narrative. Youtube propaganda where is thr diversity? Feels like fake news.

  2. When you're going to "cash in" your bitcoin..what are you going to cash it in to?…. dollars? …Is the dollar going to die?.. I know when it's going to die.. no. If you cash in your bitcoin for dollar and the dollar does die.. how are you going to get bitcoin?

  3. dont forget do store locally, if bitcoin gets more worth it attracks hackers. Exchanges especially the bigest ones
    Are a target. Reasearch what happend to Mt.GOX biggest BTC-Exchange, and Cryptsy biggest Altcoinexchange.
    I could doge the mtgox collapse just 3 days beofre its death xD, but i was caught in the cryptsy trap loosing ~5btc (5000usd) nothing dramatic but i am mad on the unexecuted trades which would result in a 15x win.

  4. Thanks man, great vids. Question. Ive been trying to do your Macd trading however it wouldn't (didn't) work yesterday in the crash. I had a gut feeling and sold BTC. But Macd didnt suggest sell.

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  6. Bitcoin halving hype on the horizon..🌬.🏄‍♂️

    Great quote from Łitecoin advocate and Film Producer Kyle Tekiela aka Common Enemy

    You guys. That was just the test pump.

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