1. Bitcoin just recently formed a super bullish Golden cross and then experienced a 9 percent plunge in the price of the asset which was expected because earlier this year in February, Bitcoin’s Golden Cross formation was followed by a 61 percent price crash, now’s the best time to accumulate and stack up more coins because soon enough we would see the price of bitcoin out of the reach of many and I have come to know from my experience the best way of achieving this is through guided trading with an expert one of such expert is Nathan Trueman, with his online courses and his daily trade signals being implemented in my trades I have made an impressive ROI and am more knowledgeable in the art of trading bitcoin and market analysis. His services come in highly recommended because with his courses you have an understanding of the rudiments of bitcoin trading and his trade signals have a precision/accuracy level that is unmatched the best I have used so far he can be reached on his Telegram handle:@nathantrueman and his WhatsApp: +44 7723 984457 for more inquiries into his services.

  2. Sometimes I sit and wish that traders get to make the right choices using the right strategy because we tend to loose more than win. This was my case until i began taking lessons from Cheif Arsh, using his strategy and in two weeks I made thousands since then am a lot happier with what am making weekly .

  3. Hey man! Please dont change the thumbnails to this new format.. Your older style ones are much cooler! Much love to you and E!

  4. I appreciate your analysis – I’ve learned a lot from you. I shorted 9700 the other day though.

    What do you think of the hash ribbons? They look like they want to invert again

  5. Was it on purpose that when you kept saying garbage chart… and then turned your head in silence a commercial popped up? b/c that was comedy gold right there haha

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