Bitcoin Cloud Mining in 2019 Review – Profitable? Scam? Rock Miner | Genesis Mining | Hashflare

What is Bitcoin Cloud Mining and is Cloud Mining profitable in 2019? Lets discuss what Cloud Mining is and how it works. Subscribe VoskCoin YouTube …


  1. So far I’ve invested about 500$ a year ago on hashshiny and currently stand in a position where i made back my money with a full year of the contract left to go — essentially have a whole year of just making profit (about 800$+ in the next year). Can’t complain =

  2. I can never be broke …not even in this lockdown …. anybody wanna to why? because I have invested with the right person and in the right business ….text *cryptooperation312@gmail. com*…he is the one people work with right now … because he is trust worthy

  3. The best and most profitable cloud mining company is a company " Dualmine "

    The company is very reliable, trusted and registered .

    Take advantage of the opportunity and the force will double 6x hash power after regestering and u will get 100 gh/s free


  4. This is my first time looking into ‘bitcoin mining’ and so far I’m like, “what.the.fuck is this??”. I understand, zilch…🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  5. Got 3BTC into my Blockhain and Coinbase wallet for BTC mining and investment🤣! Contact trusted bank expert on Whatsapp +1(201)201-1042 or starkbrian5@gmailcom

  6. Got 3BTC into my Blockhain and Coinbase wallet for BTC mining and investment🤣! Contact trusted bank expert on Whatsapp +1(201)201-1042 or starkbrian5@gmailcom

  7. I was also scammed by genesis
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  8. Never trust , Genesis Mining , nothing but scammers , contracts for the are worth sh*t , nobody will forget no matter how much money you put in PR and marketing.

  9. Please beware there are many fake bitcoin mining/clouding out there, I got scammed twice before I met a genius hacker who helped retrieve my bitcoin. The whole plan was so smooth I could not doubt it. Bitcoin is actually a great investment option but one thing I discovered over time is that it is not possible to mine bitcoin so don’t be deceived. I invested 35BTC on a particular website called bitcoincloudminer, I monitored the profit yielding but got locked out of the account before I could withdraw. I went online and met this recovery expert fightingscams at aol dot com who helped me retrieve my bitcoins back in few hours. You saved my life and I will forever be grateful. I referred my friends whom we got scammed together right away and they got help too. You can contact fightingscams at Aol dot com. Thank me later!

  10. So basically cloud mining only the big 3 only, would make sense if you were in a rural area where hydro is highest, like in my area for instance. Then it would seem wiser to opt then for cloudmining to boost your hash? And I wouldn't say price is high right now just that is definitely above average. Yeah from an electrical expense position then cons against cloudmining contracts could be out weighed in terms of value? I think that this is what the takeaway is. I will try cloudmining then.

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