Bitcoin Crash is Bitcoin a Pump and Dump Scheme or Secure Investment?

Is a Bitcoin crash coming? Are you wondering Bitcoin pump and dump scheme and Bitcoin scam? You have to look at the Bitcoin daily chart and see.


  1. The entire cryptocurrency market is one big pump and dump scam. Bitcoin is no different than that bitconnect and davorcoin ( which recently exit scammed with everyone's money). It has the same structure, methods, and hidden owners. It's all pump and dump hype then goodbye with your money.

  2. Great video ~! About three weeks ago, I saw a Canadian Cannabis Company (ha ha) do three pump and dumps, in a matter of (I think less than 2 hours. Not sure If I can give the name of this (ha ha) company. What goes up, must come down . Christine is Canadian ~ eh ~!

  3. Hey Friends…we just made a video today showing the SPX charts as well to show y'all that we aren't biased. We are all about the charts and teaching people technical analysis. We don't have a biased about sectors. We have a bias towards showing people the truth regardless of the sector. Enjoy 🙂

  4. Thanks for the video again Lucien! Can't wait to hear more videos now that the new site is up. Will you ever do any of the option videos?! Teach the community to trade options via the charts and using active trader!

  5. My opinion….Now that Bitcoin futures are trading at CBOE and CME, the "whales" are going to push the value of Bitcoin way up and way down. They won't push it down forever. Bitcoin is a huge cash cow for the big players and the whole Crypto game is really just getting started. When you are holding in the red, it seems like the bottom will never come but this will pass. I learned that you can "short" bitcoin by trading the cryptocurrency spread on You CAN make money when Bitcoin is going down!

  6. Really appreciate the information. Love the "F.U." nomenclature for the Head and shoulder formation as shown in the video. I've also heard that type of formation called an Eiffel Tower as well. Thanks again!!

  7. The problem I have with a lot of these videos is that everyone says "It COULD happen" . So you could never be wrong. This video, while very informative and interesting is just another "It could tank more but it can also go up". I also think its extremely vague to say "The reversal can take days, months or years". No offense but that is extremely open-ended commentary. I have no problem hearing feedback but the frustration I have with all these trading groups (and I do think SOME of the groups are legit trying to help people for a nominal fee and not just shilling and I get the sense this group is one of the better ones) is that the commentary is very open-ended and no one gives a definitive answer. I get that you cant tell the future, but you can at least state "There is a 90% chance this bear market lasts a year". Not trolling. Just giving honest feedback. Charts can also be manipulated. I do agree that the pot stocks are shit. Bitcoin is def not speculative. It has real use case and its currently being used. The problem is the market cap is too low. Coincidentally, Gemini and other exchanges and companies have been extremely slow to approve new applicants. Why? Because they want to keep the market cap low. If they allowed new applications like they did 3-4 months ago the whales wouldn't have as much control over it. Regardless, it seems like vague analysis. You also didn't say how to sell at the top.

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