1. This video is deceiving to some degree. Yes, don't hand over cash or "invest" in hopes to earn more money. This is nuts. However some registered businesses are running a correct model that works. It would have been a more proactive video if you explained what is and isn't a scam and the differences between the two.

    For example, Amway (no, I'm not with them. I did investigate them for a year but moved into stock market investing instead) does sign people up, and they in turn sign people up too etc etc. However their type of earned income is from just getting others to purchase goods from the Amway book (foods, makeup, everyday items etc). They earn a fraction of profit from each sale. Get a big enough list of people under you buying that stuff and you can earn a lot of passive income as their purchases also add credit to yours. This does take a shit tone of effort though and something I wasn't willing to do but its a smart system and works really well.

    Others have copied the system creating their own company's and others did a dodgy copy (pyramid scheme which by the way is illegal). Plus, everyday people just call company's like this a "pyramid scheme" not knowing what one is so the stupidity go's both ways. The other thing is, with this system, you can end up earning a lot more than the person who signed you up as you have more people buying products. This, is why a company like that is registered, isn't a pyramid scheme and can work very well.

  2. Gday NUG! what do you think about Bit Connect ? Essentially It is a pyramid scheme, currently sitting 13th in the market cap with over 700mil of investors money? whats your opinion? I beleive theres plenty of ponzi scam pyramid sites out there no doubt,, but there are also legit companys using network marketing for the right purpose like bit connect,Other HYIP programs have "ROI guarantee" in the format of EV SSL. and are proving great stable ROI as promised , Honestly your scam post today worries me personally because i have about 20k tied up in them and if what your saying is true im stuffed! Cheers!

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