Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Finance & Global News – July 5th 2020

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Finance & Global News – July 5th 2020 In this week’s market update we cover all the latest news headlines from Australia, USA, China, …


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    0:00 Housekeeping
    2:30 State of Australia's tourism sector
    2:55 Australian rental listings surge
    4:30 Vulnerable Australian banks
    4:35 Superannuation withdrawals
    5:05 JobKeeper 'too costly' to keep, say top economists
    5:40 Record number of Australians relying on food charity
    6:30 Australia bolsters military spend
    8:30 Apple mobility trends
    11:20 Five-week PPP extension approved
    12:40 Weak U.S. labour market
    14:30 Is an ECB split brewing?
    16:10 Fed's credit lending facilities
    17:45 Chamath Palihapitiya on the Fed buying foreign companies' bonds
    18:15 Ray Dalio: Capital markets are no longer 'free'
    18:50 Hedge funds slash net short positions
    20:00 Amazon juggernaut rolls on
    22:10 Companies raising their earnings outlook
    24:25 Global debt vs. global bond yields
    25:25 Debt-free real GDP growth
    26:20 Fed begins to unwind QE
    29:35 Central banks driving gold
    30:10 Crypto news overview
    32:15 Wirecard fraud
    34:55 USDC stablecoin milestone
    36:40 Zimbabwe moves to suspend mobile payments
    37:10 Cardano update
    39:55 MetaMask V8
    40:20 CoinMarketCap's DeFi page
    41:30 Haven update
    42:25 Balancer pool exploited
    44:35 Kyber Network's Katalyst & KyberDAO
    46:30 Ethereum network activity growth
    48:05 Ethereum news & development monthly update
    50:55 Bitcoin SegWit adoption
    51:10 Zap working with Visa
    52:20 Bitcoin mining update
    52:45 Bill Burr interviews Pomp
    53:15 Technical analysis

  2. Hey guys, i work fill time, with great salary, but I am on the fence: Should i conduct daily trades or wait 1yr for the 50% off at the capital gains tax. Atm, i am waiting 1yr. is this a good or bad method? I would love to hear what are you doing?

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  4. I'm getting tired of all these boomers posting about the evil plans of the "CCP" … it's a total distraction. No-one necessarily has to like the Chinese, and we can stop importing them…. but there are bigger players behind the scenes.

  5. find it incredible how in one breath you can completely back covid-19 stats and state people aren't taking it seriously, and then go onto discuss how the jobs data is scam data as you can cross-check the data and it doesn't add up. Yes, of course the datasets are mutually exclusive, but why should I believe your assertion on job data if I know the covid-19 data to be inconsistent at best?

  6. why aren’t people covering China’s Three Gorges Dam flooding? This could be the next black swan. Wuhan is down stream from the dam, which means evidence could get washed away. Viewers deserve to know what’s going on.

  7. lol, quadrillion. Growing up I never thought i would see that number being used. Seems we are well on our way as it stands now… LOVE the weekly videos man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Alex – to respond to your point on Biden & taxes. The market is currently pricing in zero political risk and only anticipating gov/fed support through at least the election. A Biden win doesn’t put much tax reform risk on the table unless there is a blue wave and democratic control of Congress. Such a situation will, IMO, cause a correction especially if the presidential election is not a landslide and Trump aggressively contests the results. (I’m a US based investor btw)

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