Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Finance & Global News – Market Update December 1st 2019

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Finance & Global News – Market Update December 1st 2019 In this week’s cryptocurrency market update we look at all the latest crypto …


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  2. Early October 2019 the Trump Administration took US financials Dark, 80% of US Capital Markets and the entire capital markets have gone dark. All financials are meaningless as they are redacted legally. Google FASAB Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board to check out what I’m saying is true. This effects 42 US government agencies and 140 other being big banks and big corporations. The Gold Standard is coming. Much Love

  3. A break from this big channel…. ATH sometime between now and August 2020. It will come like a thief in the night. We will know not the hour or the day… but it will happen. ATH sometime between now and Aug 2020. Could be sooner than any of us expect. Edit: I am ready,my bags are packed and I wait at the gate for you Mr Bull.

  4. We dont wwant people doing the wrong thing but we also dont want an extra 30,000+ Australians in each state without their licence each year. Think of the cost to the economy for this many people not getting to work.

  5. there might be a role for banks as a custodian of bitcoin. Using them as a custodian for your spending account. That way if you were scammed you can potentially reverse the transaction. Your savings should still be with you. If they don't have that feature for bitcoin its totally not worth it though.

  6. I think most people are not interested in saving and
    investing for the future . While it may seem nice to benefit from your
    paychecks today, I believe investing in your future will lead to much larger
    returns and significantly improve the quality of life . =)

  7. Bitcoin ended November on a negative note. A monthly close below $8,300 could yield a deeper drop in December, according to a popular analyst. The hourly chart continues to call a move higher to $7,800–$8,200 then a bull reversal would be confirmed on the three-day chart. Acceptance below $6,515 would invalidate the bullish hammer candle seen on the three-day chart and invite stronger selling pressure nothing is guaranteed in the crypto space mainly due to the highly volatile and unpredictable nature of bitcoin. As an investor accumulating and increasing our position should be the trend. I am increasing my portfolio daily through trading though am not a smart trader I trade with signals provided by Evan Winter. His signals are precise, accurate, easy to understand and implement in your trades and I have grown my portfolio from 2 BTC to 10 BTC in just two weeks of applying them. Evan can be contacted on WhatsApp ( +15107756200) or Telegram (@Evanwinter) for his assistance on all crypto related issues.

  8. For the German bank news it is bad… If in the future banks have the majority of coins holding then they could control their fork… Imagine creating more inflation to BTC for example? Pretty bad

  9. He asks if bitcoin which was designed as an alternative to banks and to get away from middle men and counterparties should be held for us by banks. My answer is use common sense. If you allow your bank to hold it for you, you deserve what you get later.

  10. Bitcoin and Łitecoin reward halving ‘supply shock’ coming down the track……..🌬…….🏄‍♀️

    Last ‘round’ of halvings signaled the beginnings of 2015 – 2017 price surge!

  11. Don't kid yourself Alex, Sovereign government bonds will ALWAYS be paid. It's complete FUD to say otherwise. If you're NOT a sovereign money issuer, then and ONLY then is it possible you'll not be able to pay.

  12. Nugget u often say the share market going up doesn’t help the everyday people. Of course it does majority of people have a Super account in a balanced options which has large portion in Australian and overseas stock market. Stock market going up helps people’s retirement and puts less stress to the pension system.

  13. banks want bitcoin = bitcoin is gold
    for every bitcoin that bank (or exchange) put in "cold" wallet they will create 10 bitcoins in "institutional" bank market, sell it, and will "secure it" in bank "tresor" as "true bitcoin" , nothing new, fractional reserve bitcoin banking
    max supply 210.000.000 btc

    btc price is low? or high? 🙂 soon they will pay bitcoin between banks…

  14. about banks holding crypto ? shure its a good thing ! most people only trust the banks so I see it as a massive promotion of bitcoin ! later on people will find out they dont need the banks, its perfect!

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