Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Markets UP! Traditional Markets DOWN! Can it CONTINUE?Commercial Blockchain

Fed chairman Jerome Powell came out yesterday and said that the economy is headed for prolonged stagnation and the markets responded by plunging lower.


  1. Hey Guys,
    Sure some of you remember me, the guy who actually trades for a living.
    Buy the S&P500, the market has been in a sideways accumulation pattern for past 3 weeks. Just shup up and buy it, you're the dumb public thinking the world/markets are doomed. YOU'RE WRONG!! Buy Buy BUY!! US Stocks!!
    Btw, CNBC and traditional media is the enemy to the independent investor/trading. Vipers and snakes, YES markets are illogical that's why people struggle to actually make REAL $$$

    Most of you are what we call dumb 'smart' money. You know enough to the think you're smart, though you're actually brainwashed and dumb. Trust your gut, it always knows the truth.

  2. the french gov isn't dealing with it well. The only sort of good thing they did was for the first time in the EU history negociate something with Merkell. But that's about it. They fucked our universal healthcare for decades and now realise that we actually need it.
    And people are pissed.
    As for the market, just like you I don't get how it still going , when it should crash at least 80% like in 1929

  3. With Brave, if you verify the wallet they give you on Uphold, you can essentially pay yourself, invest, etc with the bat you earn as well as giving it to creators.

    Also they added recently an option for buying gift cards with BAT too.

  4. I would love it if you did a video on CIA creating bitcoin and it's involvement with child trafficking along with coinciding tweet from Vitalik (Ethereum's owner) on not seeing anything wrong with a little child porn. This is the one thing keeping me from supporting digital currency. How valid are these dark "secrets"? Any idea?

  5. I'm enjoying your videos as I learn (I'm a noob- haven't even figured out how to start yet). Your voice and inflection and search for actual information makes for great video content. Very impressive work.

  6. I really don't get you, it is simply because of BUZZ LIGHT YEAR (The FED, Print to infinity and beyond!) are pumping liquidity into the markets they have to because of Wall Street literally being tied to revenue to the USA Government if Wall Street fails the Government fails. Highly manipulated and highly overpriced. Before the year 2000 they were not co-related and not dependant but they are now very much so. That is why Trump is saying got to get back to work in that he is right. One thing is clear Trump will go down in history to date of spending the most in deficit spending.
    Literally, the USA will have no alternative but to start a war in a broader theatre, history has shown that every time they have had a servers liquidity problem it has led to a war of some sort to simulate the economy.

  7. I think the financial experts are wrong on some points. Previous recessions were caused due to economic reasons- dot com crash and the housing crisis. This affected literally all businesses and economies worldwide. Everyone was affected.
    This time it's due to a virus. Something unheard of. Only specific industries are hard hit as of now because of lockdowns- aviation, hospitality etc, while the medical sector is doing pretty well. I believe that other industries can start up once again like nothing ever happened. But I guess the interconnection between the different sectors is yet to reveal itself. So true, we don't know the full extent of all this.

  8. Yeah I'm gonna pass on the S&P. I got out of traditional markets the first week of 2020. The risk/reward just isn't there for me. I don't care if it triples before the end of the year. My grandparents can have it all. I'm trying to 10x

  9. Just want to say America has done pretty well considering dems like nancy forcing mail cheques for the last bill and now the next has as many wishes as kids have made since the 1800s and is longer than every the hobit and lord of the rings put together

  10. Btc is now widely accepted and also a good investment which yields good return on investment but also very volatile and not predictable. Since bitcoin has passed  $9k, what you should do as a good investor is to have an efficient strategy of accumulating and increasing your Portfolio just in case a correction occurs and the price goes low so you can still make profit and if finally the price sky rockets to the moon you would have a good stock in your portfolio explaining that everybody should buy now and join the gain, or I advice you multiply the little you have with Mr Benjamin Jackson's strategy, I was able to boost my portfolio to 5BTC  within 3 weeks with the same strategy. You can reach him on TeIgrm: (@BenjaminJackson )  . Repeat of DEC/January 2017-18 it will go higher than then but let's see regulations.

  11. Look, the market is always right. The market always has reasons to do what it is doing. If you take a position in opposition to the market, you're simply hoping that the market will do what you want it to do. The market will decide if YOU are right or not. You can take your ball and go home if you wish, but the market will do what it always does and confound everyone.

  12. Sooo true, Australia have made some really good decisions re stymulus! Saved my business and many others from going under!
    My Australian friends in the US are wishing thy were here right now.

  13. @digitalassetnews I am having trouble using the Promo code for my ledger live. WeAreTheBullRun did not work and Ledger did not allow me to apply the code. Can you check into why this is?

  14. Thanks DAN as always for shaking it up (every day is a school day)… I'm not a day or swing trader… but its pretty obvious when you step back, the stock market is being gamed and has been for years. Do we really expect the money addicts that game it to slow down in bad times? I don't think so… if anything, these addicts are manipulating more. Remember…. day/swing traders, big & small (Paul Willoughby – maybe you can weigh in here) take profits up and down…. win win, because they are professional traders… glued to screens & connected to the market pulse 24/7, in order to make educated bets. Day & swing traders dont trade on fundamentals, they trade on volatility, it a game (no judgement). The stock market is absolutely positively and completely disconnected from reality. Wall Streets model is to gut equity & leave a carcass of debt. No judgement… it's just important to understand the reality of greed.

    If you dont want to invest the time into day & swing trading (worth it for some… I have friends that make 10+k / week doing this), I would just chill on the stock market for now. With that said… I am a firm believer in…. do not invest 1 penny into something, unless you understand its value. Without knowing it's fundamental value, you will not know when to buy or sell (undervalued / overvalued). Also, never invest anything you cannot walk away from without regret.

    Example: I am invested 2% of my net worth in XRP. I'm not invested in speculation, i'm invested in fundamentals and the Ripple team. Much diverse research has gone into that decision & happy to share details if you like. Part of that is being here, hangin with you guys, soaking up the daily reports that DAN has graciously worked on producing. No hype, no BS, just straight level headed dialogue.

    With that said, I also believe in diversification across asset classes. I own rental property, precious metals, crypto, art, artifacts, collectibles and others. I invest in assets that will serve me in good, bad & ugly times. And yes… i do hold some physical cash reserves, because despite the USD's terrible ongoing debasement… it's doing better than all other currencies and at this point is still the global reserve. I only keep money in the bank that needs to be there for mortgage & bills. Why? because putting money in the bank is risky. It was bad enough with 10% fractional reserves, but now it's 0%. And if we go to negative interest rates… banks can start chipping away at your money. Ya… instead of paying you interest…. you will be paying interest…. lol… twilight zone.

    Couple more things….

    My friends in Switzerland have told me that during this time to make people 100%whole…. the government is subsidizing 80% of salaries & employers are picking up the remaining 20%. Dont know about small business owners, these are the facts for employees. Still no SBA or stimulus $ for me as of now.

    Brave browser…. ya… get it, use it… its awesome. Like DAN, i dont use it for BAT, I use it to save time. Maybe i will start using the BAT like Coil for micropayments for content…. just havent yet. Was using TOR, but Brave is way better IMO.

  15. 'I just don't see what's going on.' FOMO is going on. A lot of new, young investors who think that this was 'the big one'. The crash they were waiting for the last ten years. Time to buy. Not realizing the market was still overpriced at the low of the crash. We will see…I'm out of stocks all together, might be mistake or the best decision ever. Kind of weird but investing in Bitcoin feels more sound than investing in stocks. Would have never thought that day would come.

  16. Have you looked into HEX? First Blockchain Certificate of Deposit and has 116x since January. Would be great if you could keep and open mind, research it, and make a video on it or at least cover it if you haven't already. Thanks!

  17. I don't really understand being a maximalist in anything….except being a Crypto maximalist. I want the good Cryptos to succeed and the crap ones to fade away.

  18. Just to draw a line in the sand and explain what you touched on: blockchain technology advancements, whether Microsoft or other, do not reflect BTC or crypto prices in any term, short or long. The technology is separate and should be calculated into buying decisions. Secondly, and somewhat contra to the first point, ETH has been across more government desks than any other Crypto: this has the most exposure and is fundamental in a lot of the blockchain tech governments around the world are adopting. Canada and US for one have looked at or are trialing it. Why is this important: it could signify something big for 2.0 on a speculative basis. Lastly, it might be worth it to consider what situation would have to exist to unhinge and crash BTC for good. I subscribe to a parabolic curve over the short term but calculate in a possible unknown event at some point in the future after USD digital comes in: perhaps unveiling of the truth behind BTC or power outage or something as simple as a legislative alienation to permanently keep its value at bay. I don't forsee endless returns and am interested to see your exit strategy and pricing.

  19. I have been using BRAVE Browser for 3 years, NO ADS its great. I can watch all my favourite Youtube videos and Doc's add free. I can't stand adds I don't watch TV anymore because of the adds.

  20. Hello, I tried to purchase the nano ledger X with the code for 50% off. I got this error message:
    Your cart does not meet the requirements for this discount code. Do you know why/what I might be doing wrong. Do I need to make an account? Thank you for the help

  21. can you make those questions you ask to pop up on the right corner of the video? with choices? this way everyone could quickly see what everyone is thinking. and you could analyse the results better. some interactivity.

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