Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme है, Scam है ! Bitcoin Regulations India

In this video we will share the views about latest drama going on regarding crypto and bitcoin in India. Follow us on : Telegram – Facebook …


  1. I live in UK. The governments here, in EU and US are positive about crypto. There are many people who are sceptical, but nobody calls it a ponzi. Except for some morons from back home in India. And this type of news repeatedly coming out only from India has become embarrassing. How can an entire country have such incredibly ignorant people in positions of power?
    I think India's greatest worry about Bitcoin is that the government will lose its iron-grip on financial aspects of its citizens. It's terrified of financial independence. It's worried that banks will no longer control your lives.
    Well, like it or not, Bitcoin can't be stopped. That was the very idea behind it.

  2. हा हा हा
    हमारे देश के नेतागण खुद ही पोन्जी है इनको हर चिज पोन्जी ही नजर आती है reguletan के बाद सायद गोटाला नही करपाये

  3. 🕉️Dekho bhai seedhi baat hai… aur govt. blockchain ko maanti hai aur adopt kar rahi hai….jaisa ki hume aaye din news me sunayi deta hai…..aur dusri taraf wo cryto currencies ko ban karne ka natak kar rahi hai……ye to unhe bhi pata hai ki crypto currency ke Bina block chain laagu hi nahi ho sakta….agar govt aur banks ko block chain ko adopt karna hai to unhe cypto currencies ko bji accept karna hi padega….aur ye hokar rahega…..mere comment ka screenshot leke rakh lo chaahe to✡️

  4. Bro yeh politics kha gayi india ko toh.. Yeh politics ponzi ho gayi. Fake BJP OR CONGRESS. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  5. न्यूज का लेखक बेवकूफ़ है
    जो क्रिप्टो करेंसी को पोंजी स्कीम बता रहा है

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