Bitcoin, Ethereum & Altcoin Bull Market – Live Trading Session

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Altcoin Bull Market – Live Trading Session I’m jumping on live to discuss the big moves in Bitcoin, Ethereum & Altcoins recently, technical …


  1. Hey Nugget, I’m interested in joining your members group , I’m following your “nuggets news” page on Facebook but can’t access the educational videos anywhere , is there a link to take me to your “crypto community “ page with the educational videos 🙂

  2. Reminder that there is huge news for BTC Litecoin BCH and ETH. The Winklevoss partnered SPEDN app is now integrated with @NCRCorporation They are one of the largest point of sale companies in the WORLD! 🧜🏽‍♀️

    This should enable payments in thousands of additional outlets. 🍟

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  4. Which exchange do you recommend for an experienced trader to move up to margin trading on?

    I want to dip my toes in, however there seem to be a lot of hidden mechanics with leveraged markets that aren't immediately obvious. Ideally I'd love to margin trade somewhere that explains its features in plain english rather than jargon. Also checks & confirmation you understand what you're doing before placing trades would be ideal to prevent mistakes.

    I'm thinking Binance or FTX – any idea which is more friendly to the inexperienced?

  5. Hi Nugget, When you say that FTX has a AUD option is that for deposits and/or withdrawals. Don't see that option. maybe it appears after verification for withdrawals over $1K?? Thanks

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