BITCOIN EXIT STRATEGY – WHAT THEY'RE NOT TELLING YOU (btc crypto live news price analysis today ta)

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  1. Steve , happy Wednesday. your courses have helped me immensely over this past year. Coming into the space as a novice i felt pretty lost until taking your classes. too be honest its even helped me in my profession as a professional blackjack player. its all about emotion , dont get too excited when up big and dont get too down when its not going so great. some of my youtube videos are casinos backing me off after winning thousands

  2. When I listen to you and to Utsava, I would basically believe Utsava. She said months ago that cryptos espesially BTC will not recover and will vanish on mid term. I assume that the hole crypto market will not survive. This hype is meanwhile antiquated and not convenient for big gains anymore.

  3. "buy stuff to impress people we dont even like…" although I prefer the lengthier version " people borrow money they dont have to buy things they cant afford to impress people they dont even like."
    Works well with the other 101 lesson you delivered from common sense uni; Spending less money than you make leads to saving money, thus allowing for higher rate of consumption in the future at some time…. groundbreaking.

    The cliche lesson that was pounding me in the face through the video that I really loved " A fool and his money are quickly separated!"

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  5. Fantastic Steve, Much appreciated !! You are a star. Steve you have mentioned you were goign to start a bitcoin strategy course in the past. Any progress or timeline when this would happen

  6. Wow Steve Happy Wednesday, I just completed Intermediate class and now I'm into the advance class wow it all fits together no point in jumping from Intermediate to Advance. Now it all makes sense now. I made 300% on ETH. Thanks for your generosity in giving away all those classes. Happy Birthday to your son see you in next Wednesday video, can you cover Etheruim on the next bull run New ATH that the chart is signalling.

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  8. Steve I have at times been critical of you over small things – but I HAVE to say — you are still ONE OF THE BEST, if not the BEST!. Your Free Class WAS FANTASTIC. Your wisdom and strategy shines above others … on these Youtube Videos — thanks a million!!
    This video again proves my point …

  9. Thank you for this amazing class Steve! I learned a lot from it and look forward to put the lessons into practice. Happy aniversary to your kid and to your company, wish you a lot of success. Love and see you next Wednesday ,-)

  10. Just WOW! Steve. To say you are worth your weight in gold would be a massive under-statement. Some more incredible content as usual. Your son is absolutely blessed to have a father like you. 👊 from Brisbane, Australia.

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