Bitcoin Explained: Is Bitcoin the Next Big Thing or Hype?

Bitcoin explained – the FACTS about whether bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Bitcoin news changes every day. There’s a lot of hype…


  1. Thank you giving us your interesting take on Bitcoin. I was watching another video earlier which suggested that Bitcoin was digital gold and would increase in value very substantially to catch up with physical gold. Some commentators are even suggesting that Bitcoin will eventually reach $1 million. I am very skeptical about all forecasts and predictions but a $100 investment makes more sense than buying the usual lottery tickets. What do you think ?

  2. There's the matter of energy consumption: it was recently reported that blockchain processing (the activity that creates bitcoin) uses the same amount of electricity as Denmark at the current time, and it is projected to use as much as the entire US by 2020. It's reasonable to expect that the outside world will stick the boot into all this at some time in the future. Or oil prices will go up, I suppose.

  3. Thanks for the video on Bitcoin!! But can you make a video on the basics of Bitcoin like from where have this started, concept behind bitcoin, how is it better than the existing currencies, where can we use this cryptocurrencies, what does mining / miners exactly mean, how do we create our own wallet, how far you think will it go in 2018 etc etc.

  4. Nice to have an objective market based view of bitcoin. After Dec 18, I may try a few simulated trades just to see if it behaves more like a currency or a commodity.

  5. After wading through all kinds of BS videos regarding Nadex. I would like to personally thank you for your simple "Pay it forward" Anyone that charges money for a strategy is clearly not making money trading! If they were? They would give from the goodness from their heart! Soooo sad people fall for these traps. So thanks again for being REAL!!

  6. Soooo, I heard that the cryptos may be in for a huge decline if a few key programs go into effect, this is supposed to happen the beginning of 2018. So we’ll see, but be careful in case they are right.

  7. rising from 2000usd to 16000 usd in one year made this currency to pop up in barry's eyes, finally

    now explaining to us what is bitcoin, come on barry, really? whos explaing who what bitcoin is if you woke up on it being 16000usd a piece

  8. Appreciate your fantastic videos and how clearly you teach!
    This may sound stupid, but if I buy bitcoin is it just like any other stock, in that I am able to actually get cash back out when I sell? I have heard I can only get paid in more Bitcoin, instead of regular USD green backs?
    Thank you!!!

  9. wow nice, it happenes finally! guess what? I am following your trading advises ONLY to use it for trading altcoins 😉 and.. thx for all your input… yes, 95% of altcoins are scams BUT not 95% of those listed on pages like coinmarketcap. websites that are listing those coins with the highest 24-volumen and/or the highest marketcap (top 100, 200, …) … if you think about…. anybody can make an own coin, with for example the WAVES blockchain. it is more than easy… yes, but doesn't matter if 95% are scam…. nobody who knows a little bit about trading would ever consider to invest into a coin whose 24h-volumen is some hundets dollars or less… not even just some thousand dollars, but I am sure, you know this, too… soooo, taking a look at the top 100 bit- & altcoins listed on coinmarketcap can give a huuuge and great insight in some really valuable blockchain technologies….

    I would love to see some more bitcoin -/ altcoin trading…. bittrex and bitfinex are really great and easy and very very very low-fee exchanges for a huge bunch of altcoins. gdax and coinbase are great to buy bitcoins itself. okay, have a nice day… hope you would read my comment and consider to take a little bit deeper look. I love the volatility of some top 100 altcoins. buy the rumor, sell the news. take a look at the teams, their roadmap, their activity (social media and for example github – for their sourcecode), their news announcements and consider, if their blockchain is good for solving a reallife problem, in a better way than without a blockchain. after that, start trading ^^

  10. Hello Barry, glad you got to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. I have a few questions for you if you don't mind answering:

    1) What do you think about daytrading with cryptocurrencies vs daytrading with stocks? I am not a professional investor or daytrader in any way, but isn't trading cryptocurrencies on a minute/hourl basis more viable because of the bigger swings and possibilities, compared to stocks (not including Forex I guess)?

    2) What do you think about market manipulation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, since t there are miners that, in big numbers, can attack the Bitcoin network through switching their mining equipment to some other chain, e.g Bitcoin Cash, causing the whole Bitcoin transactions to clog up the network and slowing down the transactions tremendously (not in platforms, but if you were to take send money to another trading platform etc) since there is nobody to confirm it?

    3) How much of the traditional trading tools work on cryptocurrencies?

    Thank you for this video and previous videos as well for helping us understand how to be a better trader day by day.

    One last question that isn't related to cryptocurrencies: how big of a role does a trading diary make and could you elaborate it in the future?

    Best regards.

  11. Bitcoin has no use case beyond a store of value with the current limitations of the technology – low transaction throughput (we say Bitcoin is not scalable).

  12. Bitcoin is like the fist automobile… A glimpse of what is to come, technology that could change the course of human history… But Model T's were not gen 1 automobiles

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