Bitcoin Futures for Dummies – Explained with CLEAR Examples!

What are Bitcoin futures and what are some examples that show how they work? In this video, I explain Bitcoin futures in a beginner-friendly way and also …


  1. For those who didn't quite understand Bitcoin futures now, did this video help? If so I would greatly appreciate if you would subscribe and also help me share this channel to your crypto friends as well!

  2. Does it make sense to hold the future for several days, when I expect the price to go up over the week? Or would that be too expensive? (I'm about to use Binance)

  3. Only dummies buy Bitcoin thinking they'll make it big. Unless you know when the pump and dump is gonna happen your better off playing with scratchers

  4. A little old but I appreciated how you explained the whale theory of buying OTC, then going short to hedge and then lowering price. Interesting. Not obviously the only explanation as many would like to think but good to lay out there like this.

  5. Great video! You should clarify that no one actually buys the asset in the contract as you wrote "buys/sells asset" in the 1:50 marker".
    It's all cash settled. Thus being named a derivative.

  6. The BTC price shot up a bit after bitcoin futures closed. The people who were shorting BTC stopped selling after they made their money. Keep an eye on the futures to see if they are shorting or going long on BTC. That may determine the BTC price.

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