Bitcoin Futures gaps and what they mean…..Explained

You have all heard me talk on Twitter about gaps on Bitcoin. In this video, I will explain what they are, why they happen and watch to watch for. If this helped you …


  1. What makes it so the gaps always get fillled? Also, how is the price of futures calculated, such as the graph when you look at BTC futures on trading view? Can you use futures graphs to speculate the price of BTC?

  2. Why people want to apply "gap trading strategies" to things that never had a gap is beyond me. Futures BTC markets don't trade 24-7, but the BTC exchanges DO. When the futures market comes back online, it's simply picking up where the exchange traders are currently trading. These aren't gaps. They are empty sections where no data was collected. A "gap" is where no one is offline, the option to trade at the next logical price point is foregone because there is no bid in the bid-ask stack at that next level. For whatever reason (there can be many) there is a gap in the stack. That's a gap. What you're talking about is just a data gap. The exchanges are trading all the time, and are reacting to every price point in-between when the futures markets are offline.

  3. You didn't explain WHY the market would sometimes reopen at a higher price above the previous day's candle and creates the gap in the first place.

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