Bitcoin Gold Snapshot 📸 Happened! / Bitcoin Trading At $10,000 😱 Right Now In Africa (Cryptoverse)

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse:** While Bitcoin Gold has not launched yet, the snapshot of Bitcoin balances has been taken. I’m also going to prove to …


  1. It may not seem like it but Cryptocurrency exchanges are complete cash cows, and are seeing lesser-profits and revenues than ever. Over the past months Crypto forks mining has seen higher levels of profit volume since it was lunch, and still yet lot of investors are not aware…

  2. hi Crypto verse 🙂 im a new sub and asking a question: do u have any idea of what the current price of bitcoin gold is worth now? and for the next fork in november what do u think the price could be? similar to bitcoin cash maybe? its all so confusing, but the benefits are like a dividend! 🙂 thanks for ur channel, cheers Mate :>)

  3. Not sure about that website you showed on Golix? Only 134 BTC Exchanged in 30 days and have tried to get multiple verifications to verify my email and does not work. Have you tried to sell a Bitcoin on the exchange make an automatic 3400 dollars Rinse and repeat?

  4. Did bitcoin cash do a snapshot as well? I had a wallet with bitcoin before the BCH fork that I moved to my KeepKey after the fork and am trying to understand how to recover my BCH that I should have gotten.

  5. I am looking at investing in 1 coin – I am looking at investing about 4k  – Which one should I go for IOATA or OmiseGO – if you had to pick in terms of short term value ?

  6. My theory: Whales used the "sell your alts to get free Bitcoin Gold" shill as a way to accumulate alts when they were low. Whales rode the BTC hype wave up, then cashed it in for cheap alts. They then started an altcoin pump immediately after the fork. Basically, they tricked the little fish into giving up their alt coins at fire sale prices, for the promise of "free" Bitcoin Gold. But when you consider the opportunity cost to those who fell for the trap and liquidated their alts low, there's nothing free about Bitcoin gold. They paid dearly for it. Artful manipulation by clever whales.
    I think it helps to try to think like a whale and try to swim with them. What's the easiest way for them to make money at a given moment in time? After such a big move up, BTC risk:reward was not favorable for whales, but altcoins were largely sold off and could be easily massaged into a rally that the masses would participate it.

    Naturally, the best move for the whales was to spend weeks trying to get people to sell their alts in advance, so the whales could patiently accumulate alts while the masses were chasing "free" BTG schillings.

  7. Chris, IMO it makes more sense to look at eth/btc, ltc/btc and so on, instead of eth/usd. Since most of these markets really are traded in terms of btc more often than usd. I would also consider btc the reserve currency of the crypto-sphere. I have switched myself from looking at the usd charts to the btc charts and I think it helps.

  8. I find it despicable that these forks, now b-gold, intentionally use the bitcoin name and symbol, trying to mislead potential users. Basically piggy backing on all of bitcoin's success. If bitcoin were a company, these people would be sued into nonexistence. This kind of behavior would be illegal under any other context, it is only a gray area because bitcoin itself is in a legal gray area.

  9. I understand and support the intentions of BGold, however, I agree that for the user there appears to be no obvious advantage-unless one considers less centralized control an advantage ( and I do). That being said, I still use my credit cards etc. Miners and corporate “users” should keep in mind that, if they damage the credibility of BTC(and other crypto currencies), it won’t appeal to the masses and will have little utility for anyone. Just my take on it, as one who is fairly new to cryptocurrency.

  10. Great Information! People on STEEMIT need to know this and I can't wait for the tutorial. nods Would love to interview you for my podcast. @sirlunchthehost on steemit! Look me up. Keep up the great work. BTC for the win.

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