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  2. 8-10k ? really, i thought the price of Bitcoin needed to be at least 12k for miners to stay on board after halving?
    Because thought 6k was the absolute bottom for most miners as it is now?

  3. My short term prediction: Watch all crypto spike around 8am Eastern time monday morning prior to the NYSE opening… this is when the QE taps turn on from my previous observations as the US markets and crypto increase simultaneously. Then it will trade mostly sideways all week with a sell off over next weekend. This has happened two weeks in a row now.

  4. Crypto.com needs to send to South Africa and Philippines
    Crypto Lark, what i mean last time was, is it safe to hold BTC on Crypto ….not your keys not your coins? but i assume it is safe as many use it?

  5. 💚💛💙🧡 No-one believes in the Halving anymore which gives me hope that we can bust $9k into it 💚💛💙🧡

  6. Deflation then super hyperinflation guys. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT hold all your cash liquid. Invest in everything . Diversify. Buy gold,silver,Bitcoin,stocks,real estate if your able. But dollar cost average, don't put your whole savings in one thing at one time.put it in 5-10-15 or more different things over weeks to months at a time. Do it every week. But don't be silly, always hold enough cash for emergency fund for bills and what not,I recommend 3 months for beginners, 6month to a year to experienced savers/investers with more meat on the bones.😁😎 Anyone holding only cash when hyperinflation hits,you will be poor. This will be a huge seperation, you will either become richer, or you will become poorer. I would not be surprised if we see a btc 100,000$, or gold/ounce 10,000$ or a Dow at 70,000-80,000 points. Buckle up and enjoy the ride

  7. Things will definitely get worse before they get better and if you are smart you will hodl for dear life in the hard times ahead. When crypto adoption happens, BTC will easily hit 250k

  8. I'm big fan of you but, who knows who will be alive by the end of next year to see bitcoin at $100,000, people don't have jobs so they are selling their bitcoins to store grocery items, grocery will keep them alive.

  9. Like ur T-shirt and love watching ur videos u was make it fun & existing yes i also have some bitcoin, ethereum, xyo i just waiting for the right time

  10. @ The Crypto Lark, with this crisis some people are using stable coins to hold high liquidity positions. I know you have a stable coins video, but are there any major changes in opinion on which stable coin would be the best alternative? I think there was a major update on USDC according to one of chico crypto's prior videos. Will you have an updated video on stable coins soon? Thanks for always being so informative.

  11. The Market will recuperate rapidly. Many people are staying home and desperately waiting for it to pass to hang out at places. Once everything reopens many stores, restaurants, bars, etc. will be busy.

    The 2.2 trillion stimulus package will help offset the economic crises. People applying to their old jobs and employees in demand for companies reopening the site. Bitcoins will be bought in bulk.

    To much hype with coronavirus its just highly contagious. John might get it and the body will run it’s course. Sorry for the losses of loved ones. Kids, grandma’s 👵🏼 and grandpa’s 👴🏽

  12. I wouldn't worry about price,once they ban cash,joe public will rush to Bitcoin,late as usual.There is only gold and silver to go too aside from Crypto,but to sell gold and silver your money still has to through the banking system,with Bitcoin it doesn't.The public can only see profit,but once they realize Bitcoin is their saviour,watch the price.

  13. The hopium bong is epic. You are the best Lark. If Bitcoin crashes again these days this is by no doubt a black swan event(covid 19)and I will accumulate. More. As. I did when it crashed at 3900 the other day. I also believe BTC will be between 50 k and 300 k max by the end of 2021 an 100 k is very likely. I had a Trip planned for The philippines on March 30 and everything got canceled sigh. Until Feb 20 everything was OK but when news from My country (Italy) started coming Out, it was mayhem because the world started seeing the danger . Unprecedented. this covid19 madness has changed the world, the world has now become a police state. I believe that they will take advantage and keep some of the emergency rules even when the coronavirus will be gone unfortunately. Hope not

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