Bitcoin Halving Weekend Crash – NOTHING CHANGED. New BTC Billionaire Investor Sounds Off + Coinbase

Even though we saw a MAJOR correction which was brought about by manipulation by whales in the futures space, nothing has FUNDAMENTALLY changed …


  1. Yes, I believe its going to grow. Sometimes we get overzealous, yours included, and forget Bitcoin and XRP are in their infancy stages.

    XRP just went live about 8 months ago and the company is still building its infrastructure.

    Just keep those hands strong and buy more.

  2. I trade and invest. I enter a coin and set up a ladder out. If the price falls I buy more to lower my profit price. As time goes on and as price swings up and down the way it does I accumulate via my ladder setup. Sometimes I am sold out or bought in fully one way. It's a good time to evaluate tweaking my ladder structure. More importantly its a good time to exercise patience.

    The introduction of options/futures/margin trading has made the markets RIPE for manipulation. When you see a bullish sentiment that's gone on for a bit you can bet people are running some optimistic leveraged positions. Push the market down 10% and watch it continue to tank like 20% as those positions are destroyed. Bam you just accumulated a bunch and you can go push the price back up by like 10% and start the trend back the other way.

    That's why I just focus on taking advantage of price movement. Currently 0.1% between orders with a 1% gap on $50 order size. I can soak 10-20% price movement with my current net and I make $0 to $50 a day just on price swings. So every few days I can stretch my net either to buy lower or sell higher, depending on my accumulation direction. Per-order accumulation is also very very nice but kind of a pain to manage. I never sell below my purchase price. I'll buy more at a lower price or use accumulation gains to extend my net lower.

    If I sell off my higher sells and take good profit i'd consider staying out or cashing out a bit. Overall I'd like to have a net covering $0 – $100k. Something that would be resilient and generate an income. Obviously my current setup wouldn't generate a good enough income at current order size but I also get to stay in the game for a good amount of time. I probably will look to be able to handle a +/- 50% before I worry about order size. By that time i'll have tripled my holdings anyway.

  3. Appreciate the content. Bitcoin price has experienced significant weakness following the massive drop during the weekend session. The pre-halving dumping caught many traders off guard as the industry expected Bitcoin to sustain gains above $1O,OOO pre and post-halving. While recovery from the May lows at $8,O15 ensued in the wake of the fall, Bitcoin failed to hold above $9,OOOusd owing to the selling pressure at $9,2OOusd. The Bitcoin Halving 2020 happened exactly as intended at blockheight 630'000. The Bitcoin block reward got reduced by 50% to 6.25 BTC per block. What does this mean for Bitcoin traders and miners and what is Bitcoins next price move?, So we might witness more increase after the halving which took place in May 2O2O for me I advice you multiply the little you have with Benjamin Jackson's strategy, i was able to make 7 BTC with I.5 BTC in 3 weeks with the same strategy, reach him on (teIegram BenjaminJackson )

  4. Cool video thanks; I do use BitStamp for a while now, I'm not a big guys and don't move much money but I never had issues to withdraw funds with them.

  5. By the time you would want to cash out, most likely people would rather take bitcoin than fiat. So, if you're not trading, I would just store everything outside of coinbase.

  6. I am certain you can cash out in Abra. Only thing I don't like about them is that when moving BTC they charge like .04 BTC smh. So had to change it to XRP and move it quick. Only thing xrp is good for.

  7. Freedom isn't extreme. Control is extreme.

    If you want regulation, trade all your crypto for dollars and go back to Forex.

    I'm not trying to be a prick, but I'm sick of people trying to drag along all the garbage we're walking away from.

    Crypto is a solution to a problem. Letting governments in to "regulate" and complying with their BS. Is trying to refine the solution with the problem you had IN THE FIRST PLACE!

  8. I too am very interested in this stable, and cheaper, honestly exchange. It really shouldn't cost me a couple of hundred dollars the way it dose on coinbase.
    It seems like the one thing I want to do buy and sell bitcoin is impossible to do without rediculious charges.

  9. I seen it with Coinbase back in 2017 when I used them. I do not use them anymore. I also picked up some btc on that dip on Kraken, they were up and running during the volatility. I also went through the motions of cashing out in fiat with them in the past and it worked fine received it in 3 buisness days in the bank

  10. Coinbase has the chance to be the Vanguard or Apple of crypto exchanges. It’s a shame that after all this time they can’t get their shit together.

  11. Yea that Rubini guy has always been bearish and painted a gloomy picture for so long he's actually been right a couple of times since the early 90's listening to him on CNBC. If you stay consistent the market will prove you correct if it takes 10 or 12 years ahhh he was a little early . Lol that's what he would have u believe.

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