1. Bitcoin is valuable because it is both useful and scarce.

    Now we can argue as to how much a bitcoin is, and that is a valid point,

    But to say that its worth zero is wrong simply because there are already use cases for bitcoin eg.. venezuela currency protection, cross border payments, etc.

  2. Dosent Fox News, CNN, MSNBC all have control over what content they want to show you? They are all spouting fake news too right? Exact same thing as facebook, dont throw stones in glasshouses you silly person.

  3. Bitcoin beaten by electricity costs. That is interesting, as most of our “future” inventions also are heavily dependent upon electricity. Meanwhile back at the Silicon Valley ranch the true believers are against all economical means of generating that very necessary ELECTRICITY.

  4. Listen to this fool if you want but he obviously doesn't understand the concept of Bitcoin. By design, it is not supposed to be an endless supply like the current Fiat system! As you approach the finite number to be issued, mining will be tougher! What a fool! Probably the last person still overextending his investments in buggy whips.

  5. If you think Bitcoin is "fraud," or "isn't real," then you don't understand how money gets its value. And I'm glad, because people like you are why Bitcoin has been able to be purchased at less than its actual worth for years.

  6. How did bitcoin a completely made up intangible product make certain people rich? How did people buy something that isn't real? Facebook? Yeah never used it. Its Myspace 2.0 and spy and corporations dream to have data on everyone.

  7. With bitcoin; this guy might be wrong because the price might eventually stabilize and then bitcoin might be used by many more users for online transactions. I don't use bitcoin because I worry about security of account and really have no use for it. With Facebook, if TOS are clearly outlined and people know what facebook is doing with their info, then we don't need gov't to step in

  8. Bitcoin is fraud. A way for tax evasionist people to "stick it to the man." Well, as much as I hate the IRS and know that taxing income is actually illegal and unconstitutional, they will find a way to stack it eventually. As soon as the bitcoin miners and dealers, start depositing these funds "earned" thru trading it, the crying game will begin. A famous line from National treasure 2 was, do you know what the taxes are on 1 million dollars is, six million. It's the reputation of the attack dog IRS to issue back dated fines on the same date you get notified that they are after you. So if they "claim" you began dealing in this crap from 2015 till now, they will then begin looking at things you own and compare it to earned income and could afford, then the hurt begins.

  9. “Cost of mining it is greater than what people make on it”.
    Do you understand what you’re saying? First up, you don’t seem to understand what mining is. Let me tell you about it briefly. Farms/groups of ASICs all over the world are competing to create blocks of transactions and add it to the blockchain. In the process some new bitcoin is created and that, along with a portion of the transaction charged as mining fees is given to the miner who succeds in attaching the block. The cost incurred is electricity and maintainance cost. At a given short interval of time, all, except for the mining fees is fixed, which is determined by the traffic in the network. So, mining is never going to be a loss. Clearly he has never even looked at it.

  10. The same goes for google. Don’t you think what you’re doing here eliminating competition for google and strengthening its stronghold over the advertisement space? I think that the discussion is biased.

  11. The last 42 seconds is on Bitcoin and contains ZERO substantive analysis. When stocks go down are they frauds? When real estate prices drop, is real estate investment a fraud? FOX Business has consistently aired anti-crypto stories with little to no factual information to back them up. Blockchain technology, born from cryptocurrency, is already making major inroads to secure data usage and storage systems used to run business and financial institutions. Cryptocurrency is the natural evolution of how our financial systems will eventually be run. Bitcoin may or may not turn out to be the final and best medium…but to say that it has been fraud just shows a complete lack of knowledge and understanding of what it is.

  12. Vivek had me fooled until he spouted nonsense about Bitcoin. His argument about Bitcoin is so stupid and surface level that I cannot believe that this guy is allowed on TV to peddle his bias opinions.

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