Bitcoin Heading to $300k (One Reason Why It's the Worst Case)

Today we look at why Bitcoin is going to $300k & why it’s a bad thing. We also look at Justin Sun taking US Money. Get 15% off for crypto tax prep …


  1. Obvious it was going to drop before the halving the Crypto space is the most volatile space it's simply a investment option so you can make big profits and big losses.

  2. great vid! S2F is cool ..Also, See, There are 36 Million of millionaires in the world today – and there will be only 21 million of BTC ever mined (by year 2140) – So, get it ? BITCOIN will be EXTREMELY hard to come by, and soon ! ACT accordingly. Check out how i see next few days on my channel 🙂

  3. Hello I am here to thank Blancasmith for making me a better trader through him I am able to make $13000 weekly I am thoroughly grateful I am able to keep on making money during quarantine

  4. That’s strange.. Iv been watching a load of old wrestling videos on YouTube and havnt watched any in years! Must me a quarantine thing 👍

  5. I think heads would explode if Ripple had taken the COVID money so I disagree with you on this. If Tron is an American company then they should be held to the same standards as other US companies.

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