Bitcoin hitting mainstream | SCAM alert!!!

Bitcoin hitting mainstream | SCAM alert!!! [—————————————————————————————————— [Follow me [Skype – guntis_vitolins …


  1. Hi Guntis, I just subscribed to your channel. Among all other sites you provide most of the true real information needed to become a miner. My name is Miguel A. Ortiz Diaz From Pompano Beach, Florida. I am learning from your web a lot in information and it can be overwhelming although your information is to the point. I need lots of help setting up a mining operation. Thank

    Miguel A. Ortiz Diaz

  2. Hi Guntis, great content!. Quick question about something on my miner. If i set the clock speed of one of the rx470 4g over 1850 the miner freezes and i get a black screen after a some time mining. The time could be 3 hours for 10 min anywhere around there? Any advise please!!

    The cards have been flashed.

    Kind Regards

  3. Sent you a message on FB. Scammers and credit card fraud is on the rise to purchase mining hardware using credit cards, the unfortunate side effect of crypto currency mining becoming more mainstream.

  4. Hi mate,
    Thanks for all information sharing. I have Asrock H81btc with 2GPU:
    MSI GeForce GTX 1060 OC V2 6GB Video Card
    , but the computer cant recognise the GPUs. My windows is 10 anniversary.
    I have updated the Motherboard and have doned some recommended configurationby different people, but no result has been achieved.
    If u have any recommendation, I will appreciate it.

  5. Hi Guntis. Great videos! The main advantage of starting the bitcoin futures contract trading on CME is the HEDGE and a little of arbitrage. So, probably you could buy BTC and hedge this amount by selling futures contracts taking only 10–15% of your BTC amount to hedge it against crash on 100%

    !!!!!!!!!!!!GLOBAL FINANCIAL EMERGENCY ALERT!!!!!!!!!!! Watch out as#Tethered #Bitfinex'ed #Don'tGetTethered "PONZI SCHEME" gets more exposure to Authorities. Basically for those who are new to this, Bitfinex owner also owns USDT coins and that's how the bubble is controlled. USDT can be be printed endlessly and they only back some millions on a $1 for 1 USDT, definitely not billions. It will burst this time 100%, otherwise the people involved will face the death penalty in the courts. No long, no short, just SELL and STAY AWAY from BTC!!!!!!!!!! Some SERIOUS JAIL TIME is waiting for crooks, once the Ponzi scheme unfolds (in a week or so MAX). #RAISEAWARENESS

  7. Guntis, Looks like they are using a basic wordpress website. It's real easy to set this up. Don't give them credit for being professional.

  8. Why do you advertise that website man, just call a hacker and put that site down, easy as that. Lol by the way nice videos and thank you for all the info you give us everyday 🙂

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