1. The only coins which are rising are low market cap coins which easily get 15-20% price increase with a small injection of cash. You can't do this with the top 10 coins and since they are not moving I'm not that excited at all. Ofcourse if you want to make a risky play you can buy some lower capped coins and hope for a 2x or 3x. This is more like gambling.
    Hence BTC looks like its starting to run out of steam and usually a drop comes when this happens, naturally. With the crisis happening as I type this I see friends losing their jobs because companies are going bankrupt. I think we'll see a run on cash rather than crypto going to new highs. People are going to struggle coming around because they have no money. Hence the dumps haven't truly started yet. I see 3k BTC as a big possibility.

  2. Was an omen. Shouldn’t have made this one buddy.. big dump.. your fault.. you think you’re cool but nahhh you just ramble.. you really love hearing yourself talk don’t you.. I can tell. It’s pretty obvious. Later nick.. your channels on the decline… BIG TIME

  3. Honestly Nick…this is one of the best videos I could ever show to someone who doesnt even care to understand what has been going on

  4. To anyone that disliked this video for any reason other than being upset with the fact that people allowed us to get to this point (to the fault of very few)…please explain yourself, seriously curious.

  5. You kept calling a lot of these DeFi coins "products" when most are still "projects." I think we have a while before they are polished enough to call them "products." It's an interesting space for sure, though.

  6. Bitcoin dunks hard 3hr after the video. I am laughing so hard, yet this is the beauty of cryto 'cause no one knows what happen next

  7. As always awesome content sir Nick. Would it be possible to share your crypto holdings and percentages on a video or on here ? Do you consider Ethereum a store of value ?

  8. The point that's brought up in the interview about governments always putting the blame on others hits so close to home. It often feels as if rather keep up their charade while everything burns than they would actually try to change stuff for the better…

  9. This is wrong about Vicentin industries on Argentina, its not the same as Venezuela. This industy get a loan from the national bank during the previous goverment. It was a ridiculous loan and at the same time, Vicentin industry used this money to financiate the goverment campaing. So now it has no solvency and it declares bankrupcy. Its not about running it better as said in this interview…

  10. Had a great day with Kyber yesterday, then got killed in the crash just now. However, the 4hr KNC/BTC chart looks like a giant bull flag forming.

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