1. I need to get to a crypto investment buying btc via coinbase to pay fees this puts me off big time and i dont really know what to do can anyone help

  2. Wow, i got scammed on coinbase. I was forced out and coinbase no longer recognise my account. I had to get some help to recover some of my bitcoin. I messaged coinbase support but they never replied, it was omer_lavie @ gmx.com whom i mailed that came to my help

  3. I have seen so many of videos and never believed hacking is real until I contacted…. He helped me with 20BTCcontact him for your hacking service via +1 256-272-1435…now he's real and legit

  4. This whole crypto thing is a bubble. Since everything done on internet leaves a trail, could crypto be used to track all those who want to transfer money privately? The word "investing" and crypto don't seem to go together. When you invest, you invest in something. This is just a bunch of ones and zeros on someone's computer. Better term would be "virtual vapor investing" ha ha .

  5. Read this :
    Maybe I was wrong by trying to get in touch with a hacker to help get info off my partner’s phone including deleted info..I was sure he was cheating and only needed proof so i contacted someone I met of a relationship blog and got scammed of a lot of money this got to me and I decided to try to get my money back…even though I was wrong by contacting someone to get into my partners phone I don’t deserve to loose a huge sum of money so I contacted this guy and he helped me a get a huge percentage of the money I had lost ..get in touch with him via guardianofpeace247 @gmailcom

  6. I watch your video, and I'm not sure what to do. I have 4ppl hitting me up for Bitcoin but I'm all the way sure if it really works. I mean I want to make money, but just to pay bills maybe $5,000.00 a month. But I'm nervous about giving my information out

  7. was scammed of my hard earn 0.9bitcoin.i was sweet talked by making inquires with the support of doublingbit. I should just hav moved on, she kept calling me and mailing me, till i decided to try it out with their least offer which was 0.1 bitcoin and in less than 12 hours, i got it doubled, look at me making wise investment plan lol.i put in for more this time, sadly i didn't get anything back reported to the police, they really cant do anything about it, a friend with a similar problem referred me to hack hemp at g mail dot com ,who helped me get my bitcoin back. Don't let this thieves just get away with your money.you can thank me later.

  8. Scammers take advantage of people's ignorance of bitcoin and rip them off. The real issue is simple these scams work just like they did with regular currency. The only difference is that the mystique of bitcoin and people lack of understanding of it. Note how some of these hacker programs work (the ones that encrypt people's files). They use bitcoin addresses instead of regular currencies.

  9. My friends got a job they told him they will deposit some money by e transfer and then he have to withdraw the money and make into bitcoin and deposit in other bit coin account and my friend do one transaction and now he scared and thinking that its a scammer or not what he should do now ?? Do you have any idea about this scam

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