Why do some fanatics think bitcoin is worth $1 Million Dollars each? It’s not based on anything. There’s no way to calculate bitcoin’s intrinsic value. Or is there?


  1. Most of it its bullshit.
    Most of the top 0.01 percent and even 0.1 to 1 percent are parking their money in assets or buying houses.
    Yes, maybe desperate millionaires are trying to convert their currency to BTC, but what they want is USD, so they convert it so they can have USD and then they can buy anything. Or they can come to the US and buy casino chips, like in your examples.
    Bitcoin exists only because USD exists. If USD collapse then BTC is worthless, cause with BTC you can do nothing. It's not tied to any assets and not produces anything other than cheaper money transfer, but who said that there are no alternatives or there will not be alternatives in the future…
    I should say that BTC produces negatively, it produces broken GPU's, broken sollar panels, broken electronics, etc. You have to then utilize this pile of shit that it produces. We will see this problem in the future when the cycle ends of mining bitcoins and electronics are useless for mining it because of its difficulty. Nobody talks about it, almost everyone is hyped cause they can only see the price.
    If you mined 25 BTC back in the days and can now buy a house, then you are lucky, but almost nobody is talking about that if you bought BTC in early 2018 and needed money in early 2019 then you would lose badly.
    Everything is a trade. Its a trade of energy, goods, money, etc. One currency cannot exist by itself and you cannot expect it to be the messiah to the economy. It's stupid to assume that.
    My question to You is: if you believe that bitcoin is so good, then use it for lending purpose and after you make money from borrowed BTC, then give it back plus interest 🙂

  2. Have you looked at the Karatbars coin activity . I can buy gold from them with bitcoin and sell for cash gold and spend cash with their visa card. Thank you for your great information.

  3. So the "wash trading" that is happening on small exchanges in Honk Kong and Singapore as well as binance is really Chinses yen getting "invested" as a way of moving it out of the country.

  4. Good video. Also all these companies taking bitcoin and altcoins for payments have jumped in to grab YOUR coins cheap. KEEP them and use your fiat as long as it lasts.

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