1. Bitcoin and cryptos works as a service, not an asset. The service is to exchange and stock value using computational power and internet. Since it is not viable to "run out" of smart contracts, it has no reserve, unlike gold, there is to much crypto avaluable (and non crypto similar services) way to much offer. All it's value is lambo millennials speculation. The base price of crypto should be near it's production (computing and internet service) cost, if usefull for anything than speculation. Nations uses all their might to stable a currency, why would someone use such volatile token as money or reserve ?

  2. Thanks for preaching the truth. Bitcoin is just bouncing up and down like a basketball. Not worth putting your money into since it doesn't pay out dividends, interest, and just goes in such crazy swings.

  3. LOL. Yes, you stick to what you know. And it's clearly not how fiat currency works or what bitcoin is or can do.
    Not everyone wants to buy houses and be a slumlord so their life savings don't dwindle away to inflation. Bitcoin has many more purposes then just "investing". It has real world use. You clearly don't use it, so you don't know that. It's been around 10 years. IT'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE

    Also. Do you know why real estate goes up in value? A lot of the same reasons Bitcoin will continue to go up in value. The only thing is, Bitcoin is just a teeny tiny baby right now and you don't have to pay taxes to hold it, so it very well may massively outperform real estate as it has so far.

    If you can't beat em join em, or your doomed to be posting angry videos 10 years from now about how bitcoin is shit.

  4. Bitcoin is a made up currency. There's nothing backing it, like a currency of a foreign country that is backed by the GDP of that country. It's like buying dollars and dollars of monopoly money.

  5. My friend thinks cryptocurrency is pointless because people suck at keeping passwords safe, therefore it loses any credibility in security. Tip: don't take advice on crypto from someone who has never even heard of Satoshi Nakamoto. Amazes me how many people will shit on something without trying to understand it at all.

  6. BiggerPockets should just stick to what they know and not talk about something which they are completely clueless.

    Frankly it is snake-oil salesmen level quality where he has not a single clue of what actually the bitcoin protocol is. (Hint: Bitcoin Cash is bitcoin)

    I'm unsubscribing from BiggerPockets email newsletter…since now their investing advice is suspect considering how far off reality he is. Makes me wonder if this level of "analysis" is the same depth as the other "advice" they give.

  7. im sad, i heard my dad is investing in this bitback shit. i dont believe in that ITS LIKE BLACKMARKET OR NERVE MOVIE. fuk im probs going to be shit after he invest. pray for us yall

  8. Your 50/50 rule should definitely be considered but it does not make sense here. Yes, that one person will be raving about how he had it right 10 times in a row but you make the assumption that there is a 50/50 no matter what you do. All things have trends and it is up to you to capitalize what other people believe in (psychology trading). If you don't consider that the human psi-chi is predictable and that it is a roll in the dice in a macro scale, then there wouldn't be an upward scale for more than a couple days because each day is 50/50 right? Would you consider each second as a 50/50 chance to go up or down? That explaining is very inconsistent with people like Warren Buffet or all traders in general.

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