Bitcoin is blowing up???? Bitcoin is a fraud! 14 September 2017.

Bitcoin: WTF is happening to bitcoin? Relax guys, everything is unfolding as it should. Add to your positions… understand the fundamentals. This is not financial advice, just sharing my…


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  2. If banks use Block Chain technology our transaction fees could be reduced from an average of 2% to 0.20%. If credit card companies use block Chain technologies retail costs of almost every product / service could reduce by over 2%. Will the big banks and credit card companies accept 80% less revenue? Of course not! They will fight tooth and nail to protect their jobs / profit / control over us, so that every single banking / credit card transaction cost us 2% more. If you earn $100,000 / year you you would have paid the banks / card companies $2,000 per year x 30 years = $60,000 in your lifetime – for no reason – other than the fact that they control most Governments – and fight for government regulations to protect their extortion of us

  3. Great video except for the bit where you said cash is worthless. I get your point but in this video it was contradictory. Subscribed though as I love your blunt honesty and effort showing the other video. Thanks.

  4. Its amazing how these institutions plan their attacks on BTC precisely on the natural pullbacks ! It just goes to show they are watching it very closely and maybe be silently trading it !

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