Bitcoin is freedom insurance for billionaires! Trezor on 2x, Ethereum, crypto-dividend news

Every wealthy person should have some Bitcoin. Trezor put out some reassuring 2x news while an Ethereum wallet has some major issues. Will there be a ETH …


  1. So what do you call a dividend of a dividend? A "Dividend Squared"? Maybe a "Fork Squared"? Maybe a "Grandchild Fork"? Then what will we call future generations of forks? These things could multiply like rabbits!

  2. Adam, do you think that someday the common phrase for a wealthy person will be a "multi-bitcoinaire"? Similar to a multi-millionaire today…

  3. Adam, just asked this question again on the previous video. Should we also HOLD in Segwit2X fork? Because people are very pessimistic about the fork and talking about a big catastrophe which can happen on the fork. What do you think about that?

  4. hello Adam , i love you man , good job , i watch your videos everyday , Adam how about ledger nano s wallet ? whats your thought on that ? is ok to store bitcoin ?

  5. Bitcoin gold will be the first good example of this Bitcoin Hydra thesis because it is a friendly Fork it is air-dropped and it has a very useful project which is the decentralization of the mining Network…

    And already we're getting a good glimpse at the power of this idea because one of the Developers feels as though the extra tokens set aside for the developers is too much and he is prepared to Fork yet another version of Bitcoin gold that doesn't have the scammy nature to it.

    This is so fascinating to watch I Can't Take My Eyes Off it.

  6. Amazing work Meister! Really appreciate your efforts for clarity. What do you think, which 3-5 CryptoCurrencies will survive in the long run? You believe that only Bitcoin will last as a "store of value"?

  7. All of these Forks are demonstrating The Logical necessity of my Bitcoin Hydra thesis….

    Bitcoin is destined to be a multi token Network composed of airdrop Forks of Bitcoin and every possible innovation will be developed using every possible interation and the incentive will always be to create the most useful chains with the lowest level of scammy activity.

    What this will mean is that Bitcoin not only becomes a store of value but it will be the very center store of value that holds all of these useful tokens together into a larger Collective and cooperative Network

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