Bitcoin Is More Than a Bubble And Here To Stay

Is Bitcoin here to stay, or is it a bubble waiting to pop? Less than a decade old, Bitcoin is worth billions. The cryptocurrency promises to revolutionize global …


  1. BTC is The Mother Coin so despite slowness the purchase power will be resolved by Defy or Etherum XRP and otger supportive Cryptocurreny smart contracts. It's a system. BTC World Economic System

  2. This is prolly the worse debate ive seen…both ways…just shouting over each other. Do yourself a favor and watch a differnet one from better informed, less ignorant ppl, again, on both sides.

  3. "You should go buy gold because if something goes terribly wrong, you can always wear it, or put it in your teeth"?
    Wow, she completely undermined her entire argument with that last sentence….

  4. Of course bitcoin is a bubble. So is gold. So is fiat. So is the human race vs the universe.
    The question is…how long of a bubble? Because if its 1 year, then I dont want to invest, but if its 3000 years, then I do.
    The whole point is that its up to us. Is it easier to use? Do you gain wealth while using it? How attractive is it? Enough to get to 51% of the world to believe in it? At the end of the day, money is a belief system. And people will use whatever is most attractive.

    Its always amazed me that 99% of people use a wealth system that only benefits the top 1%….so why do they use it?
    I compare bitcoin to a poorer black community all deciding to use soda bottle caps as 1$ bills. If that somehow started, would the rest of the community join in? Sure they would, the gains would be enough to attract the whole town as long as stores accepted it. Bitcoin is kinda the same way…ppl will join for the gains and stay for the great system that is innovated along the way.
    Paypal and Samsung have recently announced adopting crypto/bitcoin as of Summer '20.
    Should you put all your wealth in crypto? Of course not. 1% to 10% is a good start. Once we are at the point where bitcoin vs gold/fiat could go either way, as in 50-50, then you should have 50% of your money in each. May the better system win.

  5. I've only endured 20 minutes of this and I've 3 assessments. First, these compound motions are nigh unto worthless. Why muddle the real question of whether it's here to stay with a pointless reference to bubbles. Bubbles have nothing to do with whether something is here to stay. Second, the opening statement for the motion was an incoherent mishmash of random English sentences. Being the most notable baby boomer advocate for Bitcoin does not make him a cogent debater. Third, the opening statement against the motion revealed the guy doesn't really know how Bitcoin works when talking about anonymity. Within Bitcoin the anonymity can be total. It's getting into and out of Bitcoin where the anonymity is easily lost, particularly now with all the new SEC regulations. In layman's terms, I can setup a Bitcoin account with a broker to trade into Bitcoin at an exchange; buy Bitcoins with Dollars like I would buy Euros or Pounds or gold. I can then set up another Bitcoin account on the Bitcoin network which is totally anonymous and simply "buy" all those Bitcoins from the account connected to the broker. Now everything I buy and sell using Bitcoin is totally anonymous.

  6. Lame debate. Two producers against two academics. I didn't have an hour to waste especially after watching opening and closing. The audience are sheep wich is great for those of us in this space. I don't buy or hold btc or eth as both have major flaws. I accumulate mostly xrp/xlm, with ada, iota, hot, kin and a few others with real world utility. As this global currency reset unfolds we are witnessing the death of paper promises.

  7. I mean bitcoins not a bubble but I dont think it's going to be doing great in 10-20 years I think something better will replace it like another crypto possibly even bitcoinsv or xrp or something no ones heard of yet

  8. The only time they believe in the Bible is when they quote 'wipe the slate clean' which did happen actually but nothing else in the Bible is real to the elite.

  9. the US dollar melt down will happen and its fate is well understood. It is when there are no longer enough treasuries being purchased by foreign banks, governments , people and our own government to cover the payments on the interests being charged on our trillions of dollars of national debt. That is the singularity event which will have the Federal Reserve printing money from
    "thin air" not unlike many many other third world countries who devalued their currencies; only the United States dollar is the default currency of the world and will no doubt create a devastating impact to all humanity and especially if we have not yet created a separate but fair and sustainable means of trade, enter the cyber currency.

  10. Bitcoin should be backed by units of electromagnetic field or electricity that would give it intrinsic value as a unit of energy or work. Jeffrey Michael Simoneaux origin thoughter

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  12. Demand for speculative bubbles is here to stay, but Bitcoin will never be a common unit of account or a standard of value for extending credit much less a reserve currency. Lottery tickets and beanie babies are also here to stay, but I don't invest in either of them even if some people get rich doing so. I prefer other pursuits of wealth.

  13. As far as deflation being a bad thing. I smell a rat. Just think about it. There have been people holding bit coin for years and I'm sure many of them have spent it into the economy at some point. If you were holding Bitcoin for the last 5 to 10 years, once you got to a certain amount of wealth don't you think you would start spending your money? the big bankers like inflation cuz it keeps everyone running on a Never Ending treadmill lest they fall off into severe poverty. they don't want us to think there's any such thing as a prosperous economy unless we are working for there ever inflating dollars.  Through inflation the bankers extract vast amounts of money from the masses. even if you're hiding cash under your bed they are stealing it through inflation. Then they use that stolen money to bribe people all over the world so they can extract even more wealth from the masses. Think about it. Our inflation is there deflation. Or you could say our loss is their gain.

  14. PUBLIC money vs Ashkenazi JOO PRIVATE banks disguised as FEDERAL "CENTRAL" banks which supply usury money, IS the point of the debate

    …not the bitcoin vs fiat money stOOpid food-fight you are sold to waste your brain on.

  15. That one guy talks about the real estate bubble. Pray tell, who started that bubble? It wasn’t the same banks who are rallying against Bitcoin is it?

  16. 1:04:28 – HAHA BIG BUILDING
    BUT, blockchain will allow for these things to be handled by extremely advanced AI in which case, blockchain's trust concept can be applied and any token can have a decentralized customer support backbone. This is true for any crypto currency.

  17. 45:33 The government does not fear digital currency…. In fact; thats exactly what they want… to track EVERY transaction… EVERYTHING will be taxed, even your child's weekly allowance. The gov is just laying low to garner public acceptance, because if they let on that they want it, people will wonder why, and reject the idea.

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