Bitcoin Is Not An Investment And Not A Currency: Author Jeffrey Robinson | CNBC

Jeffrey Robinson, author of “bitcoin: The Naked Truth,” discusses the skepticism about bitcoin, digital currency regulation and the future of cryptocurrencies.


  1. After his arguments, if you could call raving emotional hysteria an argument, for gun control, I can't take anything this hack says seriously. I'd be shocked if his shoes were on the right feet and he wasn't arguing that it was the way it was supposed to be.

  2. As long as we keep believing and investing in bitcoin and other cryptos then it will continue grow … these guys don't get that bitcoin is actually worth more then fiat because it's created through labor and started small and grew.. not inflate.. but grew

  3. I don't blame this old man. He has seen a lot of people get ripped off in his old age and he is trying to help people. But what he fails to understand is some people love to gamble with their life savings and even future earnings on extremely risky Ponzi schemes. It's your money and future earnings people so do what you want with it. Remember, Bitcoin exchanges never close so you can place your bet 24/7. Bitcoin can hit 1,000,000,000,000 maybe. Theses are exciting times we are in. Got your Bitcoin?

  4. Jeffrey Robinson needs to understand tech before criticizing something he doesn't understand. BTC is so much more powerful than the US Dollar, but he is pumping the true Ponzi scheme—-Fiat Currency… wait until the NYSE crashes, then we will see which currency becomes more powerful—-USD or BTC. Jeffrey and Warren are fools who mock, but they will mourn when their USD won't buy anything.

  5. Between the greed of the banks who control the supply of fiat currencies and the greed of miners of who can't control the supply of bitcoins, I've made my choice.

  6. If you buy bitcoin today and want to sell tomorrow then you will probably lose. But if you buy bitcoin today and hold it for a year you will earn at least 30% more, guaranteed! Everyone wins in long run with bitcoin. I can never guess why are these anti-bitcoin oldies so butthurt that their Ponzi fiat system is slowing dying, pufff!!!!

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  8. The innovation of bitcoin is to have created the first digital asset which is scarce like a real commodity, but easier to stock and transfer than a commodity.
    Bitcoin has finally abstracted the commodity concetp, and we do not have more to stock precious things in a safe or pay intermediaries to manage it.
    In addition there is also the question of the money policy of central banks and how this can have manipulated the market.

  9. The old man does not understand crytocurrency . he is getting paid by the Bank to discredit the crytocurrency.honestly how can you make honest assessment if you dont even know how it works. if you are a business owner which one would you prefer ? get pay for good right now or wait 2 to 5 days to get paid ? and that my friend is one o many differences between crytocurrency and the banks or any other form of payments.

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  11. this guy only Fear how faster market capital from 20 billion
    to usd 800 billion then dip to
    536 billion today.

    why dip ?
    becouse of bitcoin future contract.

    try to slow down this digital money growing .

  12. The great thing about YouTube is you can go back to this video in a year or two and see who's right. People like this guy have videos back when Bitcoin was $300 calling it a fraud and telling you to sell before it tanks. Haha

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  14. this guy… its like he hasn't even looked at what the blockchain is and what it does….. sadly the worst part of this video…. is that I was stupid enough to sit thru it all and watch it… "places a Dislike" and goes back to farming Bitcoin. I'll be rich with that old man is dead, tombstone paid for with bitcoin.

  15. He's right about one thing Bitcoin is not a currency it's a commodity that being said there's enough people involved in crypto to keep it around will it ever become a currency I highly doubt it but it's going to continue to be a commodity in the future just like gold and silver

  16. CNBC is the worst news organization ever. I know more about bitcoin with 10 mins of research. Do your do deligence you're a major new organization for God's sake

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