1. Bitcoin bulls are optimistic again and for good reason we have seen the price trading above $9,500 support level strongly, Nevertheless, Bitcoin might rally further if it continues this way and its possible we see $10,000 resistance region. Most buyers and sellers are eagerly waiting to see the next upside and new resistance level. But while others wait, as a trader i would say it's still a very good time to buy and trade with the insight, skills, and experience of a trader like Mr. Diego Finn the sky is my limit. I came to this realization when i was able to grow my 1.2btc to a total of 6.9btc within 4 weeks of active day trading with his strategy/signals. I will urge others who are willing to grow a strong portfolio to make use of his accurate and profitable signals. Mr Diego can be contacted via Whatspp: +447475934185 and Telgram@ diegofinn for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  2. I find it very fascinating that anything spoken bad of Jesus is freedom of speech (which it is) but say something bad about the LGBTQ community, and that's automatic hate speech?? CAN YOU SAY BACKWARDS LIBERALISM!! MY POINT IS WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO SAY WHATEVER WE WANT WHEN WE WANT. Yes there are repercussions to our words, but then again that is between us and the Lord. I choose not to use the lord's name in vain, BUT AGAIN THAT'S A CHOICE!

  3. Some weeks back Krown you did talk about a pro trader by name Thomas Hubert, I did reach out to him and infact he is good at this trading thing. Got my crypto increased massively working with him.

  4. aye man just subbed, been doing a lot of forex and crypto trading, just learning how to read charts with minimal indicators. love all the info you've given the community about everything bitcoin and crypto!

  5. People being mad at you saying "Jesus Christ" have their panties in a wad. I'm Christian and understand that we are all only responsible for our individual actions. You saying 'Jesus Christ' or not does not damage my individual faith in way shape or form… it is on me, no one else, to not use the Lord's name in vain. Also: is that really using the Lord's name in vain anyways? It is my understanding that we are not to damn people using his name.

  6. You said it right: if there is a dump on the weekend for btc and it's opposite of the current trend; that does not coincide with leading the way for the upcoming weeks btc continuation of the set trend which could have or could have not been bear or bull, or some might say up or down, or inferior vs superior…not to be confused with lateral vs medial (ha haaaaaaa). For Christ's sake…it's a beautiful day people!

  7. I disagree with the idea that BTC doesn't give u multiple opportunities to buy the low. $3180 low and price action hovered there for a while before racing up to $14000.

  8. Hey Krown. You should think about making the first 15 minutes of your videos completely opposite of what you think is going to happen. And then get into the real details so that the spoon boys get pissed off and won't watch your videos anymore and we will get the Cavians back to the original numbers we had a year ago lol. Keep up the great work. You have been on your A Game as of late. You seem refreshed and in your Zone.

  9. Jesus Christ doesn't bother me. Make believe never does. Also, I note on the 4 hr when the 21 ema crosses below the 20 sma we usually see a drop shortly thereafter.

  10. thanks for a great clear and concise contribution! Awesome, just for FREE on this website that offers videos conveniently into my living room/toilet. Also I only had to cover the speaker of my phone just a few times.

  11. Avoid censorship using the name of the lord in vain and keep the lizards happy 😁😁
    You know I watch 100% of the vids %100. I will start the TA programs next month totally convinced that I luv TA and I would love to live the TA trader's life.

  12. Trading is far from black and white alot is in the moment and what the market is telling u at that moment in time and simply a record of what happened at a particular time that represents ppl emotional responses to what they see or feel it's hard to explain to ppl who don't get it and like ppl the market has memory and some memories are stronger then others which can help shape it sometimes lol idk

  13. Edit: Last dump from 9200 to 3800 started on a weekend and followed through the Monday when CME opened.
    CME closed @ 9200 and opened at 8200, dump continued to 4200 on CME, spot reached 3800

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