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  1. This channel always make me laugh about crypto…. literally laughing out loud… usually at myself for being "the dumb money" 😀

  2. There is a famous character, a Google search for "signals walter bulls". He made a fortune for himself back in 2018. Recently, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of professional players. This guy shows how to copy after him automatically using such a service. We must try while the market is on the rise..

  3. In a strong crypto market recovery, B!tcoin (BTC) has surged @ 6% today making its way to above $49,000 levels. At press time, B'T'C is trading at a price of $49,147 with a market cap of @$916 b!llion.Interestingly, Timmer goes to touch upon the Stock-to-Flow model by PlanB that determines the B'T'C price movement based on the model that simply measures the number of years needed to replace the current supply. In a t!me when central banks are printing massive money to support the global economy, Timmer states that B!tcoin: In my view, b!tcoin has evolved to the point that it could be treated as a form of digital gold…a possible counterweight to future monetary inflation. I'm not a pro tradr but I was lucky enough to make 15'B'T'C since late last year following the instriuctions and s!gnals from Mr. Burwell Coleman. He runs a cryptO progrâm for both investors and newbies who lacks understanding on how trad!ng cryptO currency mostly B!tcoin works, to help them both utilize the volâtility of the cryptO market and also stack up more coins. You can easily get to Burwell on Gmïal (burwellcolemanfinance@gmailcom) Or Tėlėgråm (burwellcoleman) for cryptO Investment tips and thank me later..

  4. Cryptocurrencies in general cannot be overlooked, and their usecases are endless, hence the main reason institutions are getting into it.Also, nothing that the growth of bitcoin and ethereum has been significant over the past few years.The market is still fresh and relatively new compared to other markets that have been in existence over the past decades or centuries hence the need to hold more now.Holding more at this stage is very important, and one of those ways to do it is by trading. You don't wake up and start trading, instead, you seek the assistance of a professional who has an in-depth insight on how the market works.I was lucky enough to meet a pro named Finn Jackson through one of his early days podcast on the need to hold cryptocurrency as that will revolutionize the way we see things and spend money in the future.Finn Jackson guides me on how to trade, and now I hold more bitcoin, and I have also learned much from him. The challenges ahead are endless and hence the need for everyone to take the opportunity now that it is still early, and you can do that by reaching out to Finn Jackson to guide you through. You can easily get to Finn Jackson on Whatsapp +44 77 82 82 58 12 Te leqram;( @Finncrypto )👈 and you will be glad you did.

  5. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  6. Iηνєѕting is tough quite alright but not as difficult as it may seem if you follow the basic rules and don't love or get emotional with your coins. It is volatile and scary at times as things can fly up and down at extreme rates. If you are not careful, then you risk massive losses. To ensure continuous profitability, make sure you learn, be careful, and do not listen to stupid things most Cгyρto tɾαders say on youtube and other forums as they are lots of speculators in the market who tell you xrp is going to the moon or BTC is at its dip and a reversal is sure and you even lose more money holding on to coins because they said so. The truth from my personal experience is that tгading daily is far safer and more profitable than holdlng with so much uncertainty in the market. I have lost over 10 BTC value holding for one year and have gained over 23btc in less than 4 months, something I am sure is a daydream for most holders. You have to be careful though and be exceptionally good in your task, reading the news and understanding the trend correctly. I would like to stress that if you aren't 100% sound in these, you should make cont@ct someone with good exþerience and tɾąde history to help you through. Who i'd highly recommend is Joseph Robinson. His analysis are sound, trade signals and strategies are some of the best out there to follow. He helped me recover my losses and make gains .You can easily get to Joseph on telegram@josephpariscrypto

  7. When I met hackbyzuma, I had a feeling he would be like everyone I’ve met, but he turned out to be so generous. I thank him so much for his generosity

  8. Normal bull market, this drops to just under 40k maybe 38k, but this time around its going to get bought up extremeIy quick. This bull market is different. Last few times around, it wasn't going mainstream, this cycle it seems that the world and major tech/finance insti;tutions are in head first. So this dip WlLL happen, but it will be very quick and if you can buy under 40k you'll have to have an order in or it will be bouqht up very quick. The best thing for the alt coins is for BTC to go sideway now and bounce between 45k and 57k until a breakout. However I see every mar:ket as an advantage to make more prof!ts as this is a very good buy zone and also to trad with a working stra:tegy. I started tradn with Jimmy Fletcher since late last year and till date have made over 10฿₮₵ even with the ups and downs since the journey. With Jimmy's counsel, I no longer have to worry about the rise and dip of bitcoin, You can easily get to Jimmy on Te l: egram {Jimmytrade01} for inquiries into a profitable trading system

  9. This is a very nice and educational video. I'm so excited because this morning I just received my $8000 winnings after trading with Mr Kennedy Adams, does anyone here also know him?

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