1. Thankyou ! Bro . You made it clear , I believed it just because it shown up in facebook page where Qatar King and Minister of devlopment was reccomend it .

  2. Hi.

    PrestigeBinaryOptions. Thank you for exposing the bitcoin loophole for us. Also, I would like to ask can you do a scam review on In company called investment world. I had personally got scammed i guess. However, they had many good reviews from the company. So i would like to know if this company is legit or scam since they do not replies to me anymore. If is a scamed, can you please do a review so that other do not follow my mistake and lose their money. Thank you so much for your understanding https://www.investmentworld.site/.

  3. Bitcoin Loophole was convincing so I requested further information. An advisor telephoned me at 8.10am this morning which made me feel suspicious as no professional financial company would call at 8.10am in the morning. I attempted to block further calls only to realize the telephone number the advisor called from was not recognized and could not be blocked. My gut feeling is…do not trust.

  4. Part 2
    My bank told me to cancel the card I used to pay the £250 deposit with, which I did.
    I've now had two emails and a phone call from 365 trading, the site that the bitcoin loophole site immediately changed to and who I paid the £250 deposit to.
    The phone call and email are urging me to complete the compliance forms to claim my 'ticket'
    I have to send the following (copied from the email)-
    ∙ 365 Markets Deposit Form- Kindly see Form attached – do sign and send back
    ∙ 365 Markets Compliance Form – Kindly see Form attached – do sign and send back
    ∙ Credit-Card Images – Kindly send an official letter from your bank which state that you were the holder of the card that you have used to make the deposit and the card has been cancelled now and the first 6 and last 4 digits of card must be well mentioned in it
    ∙ Government Certified Proof of Identity: Valid COLOURED copy of International Passport, National ID Card or Driving License (Front & Back) with photograph included. Kindly send and note that all the full 4 corners must be clearly visible and should be in colored
    ∙ Proof of Residence: Either Utility Bill, Local Authority Tax Bill or Bank Statement – Kindly send in an A4 format and these must contain name and current address and should have been issued within the last 3 months

    The card I used has been cancelled so they told me to send a letter from my bank confirming that the new card is mine.
    I had a long conversation with the caller (American accent, probably from the Philippines) who said she was from 365 compliance and couldn't help with these queries-
    I didn't sign up for 365 trading never heard of them before
    I didn't ask for a managed account, I thought I would get some software to do it myself
    Why a very smarmy trader took £150 out of my deposit 42 seconds after I ended the call with him saying I wasn't interested.
    Would they give me all the £250 or the remaining £100 or was all this a further scam?
    I'm minded to give up, I've lost £250 but my god what a steep learning curve.
    Has anyone got their deposit back by sending all these things?

  5. This is what happened to me.
    I saw the dragons den clips on http://www.bestoftraffic.com/landers-all/dd/dragonsden-bitcoin-loophole
    It said you could withdraw your money at any time.
    I clicked on the bitcoin loophole link, got that site and then clicked on Register.
    It went straight to the 365 markets site.
    I signed up and paid £250.
    I had a call from 365 markets welcoming me, he was American living in London, he’d followed his wife there.
    At 6pm I got a call, an American, living in Cyprus, he’d followed his wife there.
    He said he was my broker, he’d make me a lot of money.
    I said I couldn’t understand, the site had said there was software, a code, it hadn’t mentioned a broker, I didn’t want a broker.
    He suggested I put more money in, he could work with more and make me millions.
    I said I didn’t want to put any more money in. He used my name continually, wanting to know more about me, creepily friendly. I asked who he was, if he could make money why was he doing it for me on the tiny commission (0.8%) he mentioned? He said he had 45 other clients and he would be working for me.
    By this time I was in tears. My 6pm student arrived and I told him I’d made a big mistake and ended the call. I realised I had been scammed.
    After the 2 hour lesson I went back on the site and 47 seconds after the call ended at 6pm he had taken £150 out of my account as a Trader Transaction.
    I am now trying to get the rest of the deposit back but its complicated, I have to sign a contract to say I accept that I could lose everything including the initial deposit as per the terms and conditions
    I’ll let you know if I get it back.

  6. Bitcoint is swindel of the banks. If you transfer your money from one bank to another then your money will be transferred with a car from one bank to another. If you buy bitcoint your money remains in the bank. 🙂

  7. Hey thanks – I should have checked this before wasting my money lol. My concern really is the brokers that you get directed to in conjunction with Bitcoin Loophole. They were very keen to assist me in "investing" 250 Euro, which I did. Not a lot, my philosophy is don't put money into stuff like this that you can't afford to lose. I just wanted to try BL. However having seen that it's a scam, my concern is whether the broker, in this case KontoFX, will allow me to withdraw my remaining funds (I've only been with them a few days so my account is approx. 260 Euro now.) I am in contact with them at the moment – we shall see.

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