Bitcoin market behavior explained

Bitcoin is selling below levels that need to hold, while the market remains flexible the overall bull run has completed its cycle and we are not going into new highs in the foreseeable future….


  1. You're doing a wonderful job with your videos. I've just started learning about bitcoin and you're making it a very confusing topic a little easier to understand. Thank you.

  2. So it's going to fall because you 'feel' like it's going to drop? Thanks for the expert analysis.. next youtube channel please.

  3. It's not justified to call a top yet. Bitcoin's falling wedge just broke up. This was a standard correction. Price found support at the .618 retracement and weekly kijun sen. A market double top and break to a new low is the kind of situation you want to see in a top.

  4. I can't stand YouTubers for this reason. All they do is use fear mongering and click-bait to get their sorry views/subscribers while they wait forever to get their payout from Google; after they take their cut if course. Seriously, find a better way than being a video troll.

  5. Actually, 2500$ is still 2500$ more than Bitcoin is worth.

    Bitcoin is virtual pixie dust, it has no real-world usage, yes I know, "we could get rid of all banks…"-blabla, but that´s simply stupid nonsense brought up by someone with no idea how banks do work and parroted by a lot of guys who have no idea either. Banks are not only the place where our personal ledger is recorded, they do way more for us. Bitcoin, even if it would become the one and only world currency offers nothing but recording everyone´s ledger, so we would still need banks to do all the rest of their work, Bitcoin or Blockchain can´t provide those services.

    So there is no use for Bitcoin, especially as there are more than 100 Cryptos existing at the moment, so why should we exchange the actual 3-4 world currencies against a multitude?

    Bitcoin also has no value, none at all. Sure, you could say this about real-world currencies as well, in fact, Maynard Keynes already did so when he said: "One day all currencies will return to their inherent value… zero." But still, real-world currencies do hold some flesh and bone. They are the mirror images of the economy they stand for. When US economy is in trouble and European economy thrives the EUR climbs in comparison to the US$, and it´s pretty clear why that is so. A real-world currency also holds another big advantage over cryptos, if someone doesn´t accept it, he will be thrown in jail. There is no economy Bitcoin stands for, there is no country punishing any distrust in it, so what makes Bitcoin rise or fall? It´s nothing but a shared delusion, a delusion that makes those who hold it believe that nothing could be worth something, and every pushback will make someone lose this delusion. As long as enough new patients hop the train, Bitcoin & Co. will be around, but eventually, Bitcoin and all other Cryptos will return to their inherent value….. zero.

  6. Nice analysis. Its obvious that hardcore crypto guys have no clue how to read a chart. They base their buying/selling on emotion and are getting slaughtered from the 20k high. The reason the institutions wanted this on the exchange was so they can control it. They have bought up a huge stake in the coin when it was low and they positioned themselves short as soon as it got on the futures exchange. And guess what is happening? BTC is getting shorted, and shorted hard. They'll probably try to walk it down slow to maximise their gains on their shorts and trap the most longs. And when those longs take max pain, they'll sell and it'll plunge like a knife through butter. The only way to go into BTC now is to trade it. But I agree with your TA, it's gonna get taken down a long ways but if your in the futures exchange, and you short it at each support level, you're gonna make boatloads of cash. I'm not into futures, only, options , stocks and ETFs. If/when BTC gets into the ETFs it's gonna be a fantastic one to trade.

  7. MGOX wasn't hacked. MGOX was pretending to have bitcoins but had more orders than coins because Alexander Vinnik was playing a fractional reserve scheme with everyone's money. It amounted to a virtual bank run.

  8. Around the @3:00 mark the author discusses a catastrophic event (the 2013 Mt. Gox hack, which caused a major blow to trust) and a mainstream adoption event (future trading, which expands market reach and boosts trust due to regulation). Using two diametrically different events to justify bear market seems bonkers to me.

  9. Lol these graphs are based at the end of the year . During this time everyone wants to cash out for their profit, Christmas, boxing day, and for the new years . No shit it's going to down u genius .watch after the new years bitcoin will be going up once again

  10. Don't forget it's still not gauranteed Bitcoin will be the coin to replace all fiat currency..Ripple this week must have put that to question in peoples mind…Do people really feel good giving 100's of billion in market cap for something that hasnt been proven yet….I see a deep bear market for all coins for a good while.

  11. We're seeing less pairings with BTC and less transactions done in BTC. It's losing its dominance on the market slowly which I think will be good for Alts. We're now seeing all of this being reflected on the charts guys, don't blow his TA off just because you hold or are a fan of btc.

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