Bitcoin Maximalism Explained For Beginners (Bitcoin Maximalist Arguments)

This is video is Part 1 of a 2 part series on Bitcoin Maximalism vs Crypto Pluralism. Bitcoin maximalism is a philosophy/mindset by a group of people in the …


  1. Maximalist/Extremist. It may not look like it, but those who are not Bitcoin Maximalists are sort of Extremists too, in their own way.
    I'm just making clear that these wording choice were done for certain characterization that I don't accept to be true.
    But in the same sense, pro-democracy people are – honestly – (crazy) extremists from my point of view.

  2. I think it funny that a BTC maximalist in a video about being a maximalist literally admitted that larger blocks were faster cheaper and totally secure but still had the conclusion that digital gold would miraculously transition into an efficient network later on because people own tons more of it..

    IDK man.

  3. Who is right is mostly a foolish debate about something that can only be proven over time. If bitcoin survives the attack of the altcoins it will only have made it even stronger, more resilient and antifragile! So altcoins are (mostly) bad, the altcoin attack is good, bc at the end it will improve the trust in bitcoin! So I dont mind the existence of altcoins bc I have enough faith in the power and force behind bitcoin to survive the attack. Every bear market that bitcoin survives, and many altcoins dont, is also only helpful and good for proving its force! Every bitcoin is dead declaration and btc turned out to be still alive also adds to its trust building! If it doesnt kill you, it makes you stronger! Great to see a mostly unbiased, nonpoliticized explanation of maximalist standpoint, bc I feel they are often misunderstood, (purposefully) misrepresented.

  4. Fair explanation of bitcoin maximalism. I am super pro bitcoin but not blind for other implementations that bitcoins technological innovation might allow

  5. I'm a crypto whore.. I have my hands in like 30 cryptos… But after I cheat on BTC with my gains from Elastos I go home and kiss my BTC on the forehead.. She has no clue..

  6. Thank you for all the clarification. I am not a Bitcoin Maximalist. Imo, it was the first mover and opened the door for a lot of new technologies. It may even stabilize and have a place in the future as a store of value. However it requires SO much energy and it's SO slow, and I think certain alts that solve these issues could possibly topple BTC.

  7. In my opinion, I think it is just a mentality for old investors, perhaps to direct the adoption to bitcoin , but I do not see a good impression in the system of the blockchain Other currencies also have strong and good solutions for the system as well

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