Bitcoin ‘nonsense’: Why investors should avoid the cryptocurrency

The Gartman Letter editor and publisher Dennis Gartman explains why investors should steer clear of bitcoin, the controversial cryptocurrency, warning that it’s …


  1. A bitcoin panic is a coming. Bitcoin will drop to about $3000 come April in order to pay taxes on the massive gains of 2017. Mass hysteria will ensue. The press is going to be all over this. Not everybody is a tax cheat. You've been warned.

  2. This guy just bashed bitcoin then admitted he knows nothing, absolutely nothing, about tech. Why the hell would anyone take advice from him?

  3. These guys should simply say they do not understand. THERE IS NO BLOCKCHAIN WITHOUT BITCOIN!!! It is a lie. It is backed by minors with billions of dollars in equipment. Without them and the coin, THERE IS NO (REAL) BLOCKCHAIN!!!!!!! This is the new mantra of everyone who does not get it: "blockcain is great, Bitcoin is nonsense"

  4. 2:37 "You should avoid bitcoin"
    4:27 "It takes a younger man to understand high tech, and its beyond my ken"
    5:14 "Do the things you understand, avoid the things you don't understand."

    So if you don't understand it, then why would you tell people to avoid it? Hardly the person to give advice on something that technologically is far beyond something as simple as facebook. Which he 'doesn't understand' by his own admittance.

  5. You missed high tech era. You said It’s above you. You said it takes a young man to understand. You can’t understand Facebook and are not on it. At the end, you say to deal with the things that you can understand and not so much the things you cannot understand.

    You lost your credibility to speak out against Bitcoin.🤔

  6. Here's guy who needs a manual to send an email, never been on a social network in his life admits that he is tech stupid as the day is long and he's telling people to stay away from Bitcoin WOW –

  7. Do not buy bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, anything with mining, they are all scams. 90% of 'mining' is stealing electricity, so, buying bitcoin means you are supporting the theft of electricity! kids from their parents, office power, from the grid, cloud mining, they are all stealing electricity and your money. Buying bitcoin means you are supporting the theft of electricity!!! People have lost millions because of these illegal activities. Avoid at all costs.

  8. If Obama was still in office the market would still be crap. When Trump was elected the stock market took off so you better give credit where credit is due. When they started saying Flynn lied, the stock market went down so how in the hell could you not give credit to Trump? When things are stable with President Trump, things are stable with the market. Put a democrat in office and see what happens

  9. This guy is also an "old guard" geezer when it comes to crypto currencies. Cryptos are the future . No doubt. Hey!
    I suppose the dollar is a solid item? The dollar is crypto! Not real. But people use it. When the dollar dies, Crypto Currencies will be holding the smoking gun.

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