Bitcoin out of control – BTC & Alts re-assessment (Investing strategy)

Hi guys another quick update here with some technical analysis on Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, EOS & the altcoins market in general & my short-term strategy …


  1. Hi Dobe, Do you see bear market in near future? Its getting a bit scary and we haven't had a proper correction for some time? I have heard some people say there wont be a bear market till 2019! Apprcetate you thoughts. Thanks 🙂

  2. Great video as always. Love you're style and trading-strategies. What are you're thoughts on the effect of the Bitcoin futures starting soon? I personally expect large shortpositions to push down BTC and I'm not sure if it will take the alts down too or just the opposite .

  3. So if you're saying BCH hasn't really had it's run yet, that would mean it would exceed it's previous ATH BTC value of .5 and you would assume from there it would head close to .75 BTC and therefore would have to keep going and flippen the king BTC. Is that what you are saying?

  4. Hello Dobe! Thanks for your videos. There are tons of channels here for Crypto. But yours is really authentic. Really nice to hear your comments. I don't judge if you are right or wrong with your predictions. It is really great that you share your thoughts which are based on technical analysis. By the way you asked how your viewers got into Crypto. I am on the stock market for 24 years now. But I got into Crypto by listening Marc de Mesel talking about a broken engine of his Lambo on youtube. Before that I didn't know that there are alts besides of Bitcoin. Best wishes from Taiwan.

  5. Hi Dobe. Thank you for the advices! I did find you through Altcoin Buzz as well, and because I have been following them for a while, I can tell that they are honest and excellent. You have to be careful with who you listen to. I have subscribed to your channel I agree with everything you are saying except I do not like Bitconnect. But everyone is free to do whatever they want.. Thanks again!

  6. Bitcoin depresses me.. I keep waiting for a time to buy in but it never seems to come.. since like 3k I keep thinking it will pull back and I'll get my chance. I did grab it once for 6100 after the last significant dip then sold it at 10k thinking it would fall and I could get the next dip.. well.. um.. anyway.. bought bch last jump to 1500… couldn't sell now I'm in it. So moral of the story is this crypto stuff is hard.. much harder than I thought.. you are right it tests you. I once held a couple crypto for two months watching it fall like 40% and I kid you not within a day of selling we had that alt coin surge and I could have made a decent profit instead of a loss. I hope I can be half the level headed insightful trader you are someday. I refuse to give up.

  7. Thank you for taking the time to update us just when the FUD of BCC was kicking in.. Can we at least have a promise to buy a camera to show your face on your videos once Bitcoin passes $20k?

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