Bitcoin: Overview | Money, banking and central banks | Finance & Capital Markets | Khan Academy

An introduction to the mechanics of bitcoins and an overview of how transactions take place. Created by Zulfikar Ramzan. Watch the next lesson: …


  1. Good video but Why would alice give bob 30 BC if she wants 18 back? isn't this electronic currency? doesn't make sense that she would treat it like a 30 dolllar bill in her wallet right?

  2. Great job, bro. Watched all the videos in this series ; I definitely like the way you make one video for each aspect of the btc system rather than one long shot where you introduce them all on-the-fly, like others have been doing (even if their work must be saluted, too). It's much less confusing and lets time for the brain to digest them (no pun), put them in blackboxes of sorts and finally asemble them in a global plot. So thanks for your work !

  3. Bitcoin is merely a much higher-tech currency that was created to forcibly move the world faster (with warp speed) toward a computerized one world currency, which will also be controlled the same way (with RFID), in an absolute foolproof way in its final form.

    That is why bitcoin was created anonymously. No individual created bitcoin, rest assured on that. It is amazing that in people's greed, nobody (like with 9-11) seems to know or care what the truth is concerning the origin of the issue. They just jumped in headfirst, like rats, because there were big profits to make with the invention of bitcoin.

    Tools for moving currencies – like credit/debit cards, wire transfers, PayPal, will all give way to RFID. Bitcoin represents a much closer step toward computer-controlled world currency, and RFID the same as the means to control the flow/stock of the one-world currency.

    RFID is the final tool for the financial future, just as a single, one-world currency is the final currency. They are now RFID chipping 100s of people in Sweden for medical reasons, they have chipped some of the US military, but eventually RFID will include all your basic info, including a unique ID, your financial info, your education and work history, and so on, at which time RFID will become the final "debit card," implanted in your right hand or forehead. A few years ago, even the US Congress quietly passed a law making taking the RFID chip "voluntary," once it comes into being! By then, of course, it will be a choice of taking the RFID chip, or else no buying or selling of any kind.

    Everything is in place via the five-story-tall EC "Big Brother" supercomputer in Brussels to do this right now (every person alive is in their database right now!), as is the banking system now capable of implementing both RFID and a world currency. All that is missing is the man who puts it all together.

    And what will bring in RFID?

    The US has been the oil reserve currency, ever since Kissinger made the deal with the Saudis in 1970. Meaning, all purchases in oil anywhere are made in US dollars. The US is also the world reserve currency. Both of these create false demand for the dollar, but the world is sick of our $125 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and our $17 trillion in national debt, and US imperialism, and today as a result (as you know) the dollar is being bypassed more and more in world trade. These black markets will soon become white markets, as world approval grows.

    Last year, China bought 90% of the world output of gold, and now has over half the gold needed to begin minting a gold-backed yuan. A gold-backed yuan would destroy the dollar overnight, because once major nations no longer accept the dollar as world oil/reserve currency, the US balance sheet will INSTANTLY dictate the value of our worthless fiat currency.

    Add to that, China is not interested in the UN's proposed world "basket" of currencies becoming the international standard (dollar, ruble, yuan, euro), because China has the only truly growing economy, the only significant surpluses, and also the goal of world domination. If the dollar crashed, the US would have no choice but to comply to China's every demand.

    As countries (like Syria, North Korea, Russia, China) bypass/eliminate the dollar in their trade, the need for a universally-accepted one-world currency escalates, and RFID is the one foolproof tool to support such an international currency. If you want to know for sure that this is going to happen, and who will implement RFID and the world currency, open your bible and read Revelation, chapter 13, especially verses 16-18. As things develop, people will finally realize that the bible is exact, and easy to understand

    Everyone, read John 3:16. Accept Jesus as your savior. It will change your life forever!

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  6. This guy (who definitely isn't Khan) hasn't assembled his instructions into easier terms. His fancy schmancy words and fast pace are more confusing than helpful. Did Khan review this video before it was approved? I'm guessing not.

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